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Is Your Health Care As Important as Your SUV? Vol. 108 July 7, 2011

By Donna N.

Why is it, it seems that everyone wants something for nothing these days; just look at the casinos or the Lottery for that matter. People are buying scratch tickets or feeding slot machines over and over again expecting more money out than they put in. We tend to skimp when we shouldn’t only to find we should have spent for the best available, especially if the best available is proven to work. For example we spend a lot of money on our electronic gadgets: big screen TV’s, smart phones, and SUV’s with all the bells and whistles yet, when it comes to our health we tend to try to save a little, often only to spend more in the long run.

Why is it when it comes to less dramatic situations concerning our health, we feel the need to shop around for the cheapest cost worse, don’t purchase the needed item or put off the procedure? We want to lose weight for example, but hesitate in joining a good gym due to the cost. We also want to eat healthier however, we don’t buy organic foods because it costs more, yet we are willing to spend $10 for a pack of cigarettes. We are worried about the radiation from Japan contaminating our food supply yet, we continue to bake in the sun without sunscreen UV protection.

Even when it comes to having cosmetic elective surgery people put themselves at greater risk then they need to, to look better, or so they thought when they decided to undergo it. I’ve seen what happens when people took a cheaper way out with cheap doctors. They actually can die.
“Four people have died after cosmetic surgery performed by doctors at a Strax
Rejuvenation & Aesthetics Institute since 2008 — more than at any other physician
office in Florida.” Dr. Paul Wigoda tells patients to beware of discount plastic surgery centers that have a high turnover of doctors and history of deaths. Research and safety should be top priority when choosing a plastic surgeon.

Not getting a grip on that bulging waistline leads to diabetes if not controlled. Not tackling that nicotine addiction can lead to asthma, emphysema, lung cancer and ultimately death. If I was going to have open heart surgery I would want to go to a surgeon who has done this procedure successfully before, not to a surgeon who saves money on second hand equipment. To do this I need to be prepared to pay for what I want, and that is the best for my mind and body because my health is priceless, unlike my cell phone, TV or SUV.
It is also true that if something is worth investing in, especially oneself, than one really should not be considering money as a limiting factor. When I was dealing with my issue of addiction, I realized that without appropriate help, my life was at risk. After doing appropriate research I made the decision to invest in myself. I spent the amount of time and money it required and am now drug free, without even a thought of going back to that life. I did whatever it took to get myself the best care possible. I didn’t even hesitate to say it costs to much, much less think in those terms. Services and items generally cost what they reflect, that is to say if a person has a service that is proven, reliable and successful – he or she is going to charge more than a person that is not as successful.
Research and safety is a top priority when choosing any type of health care provider that is going to work on my body or mind. I rely on other peoples’ testimonials and make my decision on facts before I choose a provider. Once I make my decision, I commit to the provider’s treatment. What I mean by that is that when one signs up for a program or a series of treatment, one needs to be prepared to commit to the treatment plan 110%. The reason being that it is so tempting to quit part way through for several reasons. For example the average person 9 times out of 10 does not finish a course of antibiotics for an infection. People start to feel better and they figure even though the doctor’s orders are to finish the 10 day supply of antibiotic, they stop at day 6 or when they feel better figuring they no longer need the pills. What they don’t realize is they are creating a stronger and more virulent strain of bacteria when they are infected again. It is not as easily treated the second time. This is the main reason we have so many super bugs that are no longer easily treated requiring stronger antibiotics designed to get rid of the same infection that once was so easy to eradicate. Because it was treated partially, it went away temporarily only to come back in a stronger mutated form. One reason why drug addicts become addicted in a stronger way is that they try to quit over and over only to go back to it with an even stronger addiction. Diseases of the mind do this in such a way that often the person experiencing the illness does not realize that they are getting sicker.
Diseases of the mind can be so subtle that sometimes the individual that is going through the difficult time cannot see the illness. They sometimes don’t even realize that they are not thinking clearly due to unresolved anger and/or depressed feelings. For example, they will start a treatment program and quit part way through, feeling they can handle things when in fact they cannot. There is a reason it is called a “treatment plan” or “program.” Unless it is completed in its totality one cannot expect 100% success resolving the issues that first brought them into the program. During the work they may even experience worse symptoms than when they started. However, once the problems are treated there is no question that doing the work involved in the treatment was worthwhile. For me, there were many times when I found it difficult to do the homework Suzanne gave me. It meant confronting people in a manner I was not used to and didn’t know I could. There were times I got angry with her for forcing me to do this stuff, and yet, once it was done, my life was my own, now that I was clear with others about what it was that I was willing deal with and that which I wasn’t. Only through going through the entire program did I receive the tools that I needed to stay clean and off antidepressants for over a year and a half now, while creating much healthier relationships in the process.

Then there is that little thing called integrity. If a person has the good fortune to pay the provider of their treatment in installments, they need to follow through with the commitment especially if they sign a contract be it written or even verbal. This is why it is often good if the provider requires the full payment at the first visit. The client is more apt to complete the program having paid for it already. And, sometimes that is what it takes, knowing you are going to waste a certain amount of money if you quit. So you continue, get over the difficult part and come through a happier and healed individual.

So, is your SUV more important than your health? Look at the choices that you are making and perhaps you may want to rethink your choices.

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