Nov 03 2012

So You Want to Stop Smoking, But You Don’t Know Why It’s So Hard

Vol. 41, August 2006

I just had a client who decided it was time to give up smoking again. She wanted it to work for the long term this time for she is waking up every morning coughing for longer periods of time. It is obvious that her body is trying to tell her that she is poisoning herself and that she needs to quit. She is also sick of using her energy to figure out how she is going to fit in smoking while her grandchildren visit or while with all her friends who are now non-smokers. It seemed to be a fairly straight forward case, until we got to the point where we were working on getting her conscious and unconscious mind to work together to assist her in stopping her smoking habit.

When I asked her while she was in trance if the two minds would work together she responded “no”. This was the first time a client had so responded. I inquired further to find out that she was rebelling against her family’s wish for her to stop smoking. She resented them for they way they treated her as the baby of the family with five older siblings and thirteen years between the eldest and herself. She was also sick of the role she took on as a child and continued to date of being the peace maker. Therefore to get even with them she was keeping her habit.

That was until we found out why she was keeping her habit. I realized that she was unable to get her needs satisfied for she never spoke up for herself. She could easily speak up for others whom she thought were being hurt, but to speak up for herself, to get her own needs met, never for no one saw her as the grown woman she is. At 63 years of age it was about time she learned how to speak her own truth and get her own needs taken care of.

I had her do some forgiveness work relating to her siblings. We next allowed her inner child to feel taken care of by the adult that she now is, allowing her to state her needs in a responsible fashion opening up her throat chakra where the voice resides.  Once that was accomplished she easily finished off the session as a non-smoker for the rest of her life.

If you are having a difficult time stopping smoking, understand that only about 5% of the population needs the extra help. There is most likely an unconscious reason that is unknown to you since it is un-conscious. Get yourself a competent hypnotist that will not only do a normal smoking cessation process with you, but who also knows that sometimes there is more to be cleared than the presenting problem itself and has the skill to help you to accomplish your goal successfully.

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