Nov 10 2016

Do You Feel Overwhelmed By Too Much Stimuli? 4 Ways To Help Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Do You Feel Overwhelmed By Too Much Stimuli? 4 Ways To Help Highly Sensitive People (HSP) – Vol. 387, November 10, 2016 

Perhaps you know a person who gets overwhelmed when spending time with you for more then an hour or two. Or, maybe you know a person who just feels tired after spending a few hours in a brightly lit, over crowded restaurant. Or, maybe you know someone who just isn’t happy spending time outside of her own home. Or, maybe you know someone who gets defensive feeling that you said something that hurt her feelings.

Or, just maybe you are the person that I am describing here.

People who suffer from being highly sensitive experience:

– having a hard time in crowds

– feel sick when others speak of their illnesses

– feel constricted when they hear negative statements from others

– feel emotionally drained by toxic people

– feel physically depleted when there is too much stimuli

– work very hard to make money, have to “recharge” to make more money

– experience allergic reactions around certain smells

According to Debbie Lynn Grace who characterizes herself as a highly sensitive person, many highly sensitive people have experienced:

Emotional scars from being bullied or teased while young.

Get emotionally hurt very easily.

Feel “hurt” a lot and either get defensive or isolate themselves.

Feel vulnerable or alone because of being highly sensitive.

Feel that they need to be ‘perfect” because anything less then that will cause “push

  back” from others.

There are 7 Energy blocks that highly sensitive people can have:

  1. Having lousy boundaries by:
  • trying to keep the peace between people
  • never saying “no” when that is the best response
  • taking things that people say personally, even though it’s not personal
  • Hearing people telling you to “just let it go”, especially if that someone just hurt you

2. Lack of Safety:

  • Hyper-vigilance in trying to control people and situations around you.
  • Being a “people pleaser” or being generous, in over giving even when you can’t afford it.
  • Withdrawing to regroup while worried and not feeling “safe” which can be in regard to:
  • relationships
  • business
  • changing jobs
  • changing careers

3.You take on stuff on a daily basis that you don’t even know:

  • always feeling , experiencing and absorbing all the stimuli around you
  • putting yourself into “overload” which shuts you down,
  • words do have a very strong energy transmission for you, both the words you hear

    and say

4. Lack of “receiving” because you are in “protection” mode to feel “safe.” or are in “giving” mode to make other people “happy.” This creates challenges for your own prosperity.

5.Past pain – being told you are “too sensitive” Things that occurred when you were a child are dictating the decisions that you are currently making in your life. This could be holding you back from doing things that could change you life for the better.

6. Staying in “toxic” environments both work and relationships because you feel that you don’t have any other choice.

7.A vicious cycle of always setting new higher goals for yourself, forcing yourself to work very hard to achieve them. This causes heavy blocks causing feelings of overwhelm which brings on stress and then procrastination. Then you have to withdraw to regroup.

The largest problem is being told that you shouldn’t be the way you are, emotionally shutting yourself down. You may have stopped socializing or going out in public very much finding it too challenging. It’s like you have put a protective shield around you.

Without having HSP, one can never understand what it is like to have it, simply because they aren’t programmed to.

However, there are 4 ways that you can nurture yourself:

  1. Accept that you were born this way for a reason. See it as a gift because it is, allowing you to be highly attuned to your senses.
  2. Understanding how to set up your environment and relationships so they work in our favor, meaning that you feel “safe” all the time. You have a choice in how you respond to other peoples’ rude or judgmental ways. Learn to live your life in the flow of freedom, knowing that you are fine as you are, not allowing the ignorance of others to bring you down.
  3. Nourishment for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, doing those things that you “love” – not just the things that make you “happy,” which may not nourish you.
  4. Nurture your nature, understanding that your intuition is highly attuned. Usually people with HSP become healers of some kind, not wanting others to be in pain, desiring to be a service to the world. You can increase your manifestation abilities with your intuition, exponentially increasing your abundance while operating from ease and flow.

Realize that you have the right to be loved unconditionally, and start with yourself. You can go for anything that you choose to create in your life from your life’s purpose. Nourish yourself body, mind and spirit and the world can be yours.

Photo by Radames Ajna

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