Feb 23 2013

So You Don’t Believe You Can Be an Ex-Drug Addict, I’ve Got Great News for You!

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Vol. 189, February 23, 2013

Donna N. Came to me about four and a half years ago, after being carted off to the hospital for observation for suicidality. The only problem with this scenario was that she was not suicidal at the time that the psychiatric social worker had the cops take her away. It was this humiliating and unnecessary incident that lead Donna to seek out an alternative practitioner to help her let go of her prescription drug abuse, leading her to me.

Since that time, Donna has come through some other more harrowing events that are partially written about in the book she co-authored with me Wake Up Doctors: 10 Steps To Reclaim You Patients Respect and Trust which you can access from the opt-in box on this website. That story continues as she is still figuring out all the medical issues involved with the book being updated accordingly. However, there is something more interesting in respect to Donna’s previous drug habit that you ought to know about.

Valentine’s Day February 14th at 4:30 AM Donna was leaving for work as she usually does. We had a very large snow storm leaving many surfaces such as the stairs out of her building icy. Though it was well lit, Donna didn’t see the black ice, suddenly finding herself falling down, sliding to the bottom of the stairs. By the time she hit the bottom step she had broken her wrist in two places.

Her wrist was hurting so bad that she was offered some pain pills at the hospital. She said she can’t take anything. The doctor asked why. She told them that the last time she took Tylenol she reacted to it, which they could find reference to from the last time she was at this hospital. She continued explaining that she didn’t need a medication reaction on top of the pain from the break. The hospital staff told her that they would give her some Motrin and she could stay there to make sure she would be okay. The Motrin helped for a little bit. However, her treating doctor didn’t want her taking Motrin because of the damage that it could cause to her liver. He suggested she take a Tylenol with codeine which was prescribed as follows: “Take one tablet every 8 hours as needed for pain.” When Donna got home she took a quarter of pill not really wanting deal with any reactions. This amount didn’t create any reactions in he,r so she took the rest of the pill.

Now, what is so interesting is that the directions were to take “One tablet every 8 hours for pain as needed.” Donna has taken exactly one tablet a day, with it not really helping her. An addict would never have taken in the words “as needed” on the bottle. They would have just taken it. She also pointed out to me that an addict would never be able to stop taking the codeine tablets, especially with opiates having been her drugs of choice in the day. An addict would have found themselves quickly taking more than was prescribed getting “high” off of them. Donna did state that she got that “spacey feeling” finding that it was much less alluring than it was previous to her treatment with me. She had zero inclination to take any more of the drug, stopping at that one pill.

So, you judge: Is Donna still and addict, or do you believe that it is indeed possible for one to be healed of this issue and be able to respond to the drugs in the cautious manner that Donna currently does?


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