Sep 01 2016

So, You Believe Your Child is Depressed: Maybe Your Child is Only Dealing with Loss

So, You Believe Your Child is Depressed: Maybe Your Child is Only Dealing With Loss – Vol. 377, September 1, 2016 

Over the years that I have been in practice, I have received calls from younger people who were very sad about losing special people in their lives and pets. I even had a psychiatric nurse bring her 18 year old daughter to me after she was very sad over breaking up with her boyfriend.

So the question I have for you is this: What is the difference between being sad over normal events in life versus being clinically depressed?

Many times the behaviors and thought processes look very similar, but there is a difference. That difference comes down to whether it is “situational” in nature. A young woman who has gone through a breakup of her relationship does not need to be put on medication to heal her depression. What she needs is to understand that there was some good that came from the experience such as learning that she was able to love another human. She needs to forgive her ex-boyfriend for breaking up with her. Mostly she needs to understand that maybe the relationship had gone its course. She can now realize that she would be able to have another relationship with someone with whom she is more compatible. This client saw me exactly one time to heal this situational sadness.

I had another client who was 19 years old at the time. He had lost three of his grandparents and a couple of his pet birds, and was feeling very sad. This sadness was getting in the way of his being able to write his music. So, he came in for a session and I regressed him back in time to find out what the events were that were bringing on his sadness. From there he was able to do a process where he was able to heal each of his losses. By the next week he was asking me for a piece of paper. The lyrics were coming back as well as they were before all this sadness entered his life.

I had a young 18 year old who came into see me because she was having an issue with her ice hockey coach. Her mother was in the session with us and scribbled a note to me letting me know that she had lost four of her young friends in the last three years.  For each friend,I had her go back to the last time she saw them alive, then to when she heard that they had died, then I had her go through the wake and funeral in her own mind, hearing all the great things that were being said about each of her friends. By the next week she felt clear and knew that her friends love was inside of her. One of her friends who played hockey with her, was now a positive spirit with her as she played.

There are other cases where my clients did have severe depressive symptoms where they were isolating, not eating enough, or too much, and sleeping all the time. These teens were unable to think clearly, were no longer doing any of the things that they used to love to do and were either angry and irritable or sad and crying a lot. In these cases much more in depth work needed to take place, so that they could heal themselves from their depression. In these cases they had felt depressed for most of their young lives and felt like they didn’t belong in the world.

So, you can see that there are very clear differences between someone who is experiencing some sort of loss, compared to someone who was having a very difficult time coping with life.

In either case, hypnosis is a great tool, because without bodily destroying medication, the teen is able to get in touch with what the real issue is and clear it out, while working toward having a life that feels much better to be living.

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