Sep 04 2014

Why Women Find It So Difficult to Let Go Of Those Extra Pounds

weight-loss-yoga-synergybyjasmine.comWhy Women Find It So Difficult to Let Go Of Those Extra Pounds – Vol. 275, September 4, 2014


In my desire to learn all that I can to help my readers and podcast listeners (Claim Your Excellent Life available on  I-tunes and Stitcher for FREE) live their very best lives possible, I come across some very useful and easily understood information that deserves to be shared. Here is a great example:


Craig Ballantyne who developed the online program called Turbulence Training and is the publisher of the wonderful daily electronic newsletter Early To Rise wrote a helpful article called The 5 Diet Mistakes Women Make That Men Don’t.


So here are the 5 mistakes and what you can do instead to reach your goal of releasing your extra weight:


  1. Women cut too many calories which results in their losing muscle, the very tissue that is known for its fat burning capacity.  With cardio only exercises you are doing double damage, for cardio may burn calories, but does so without building up your fat using muscles. Craig suggests that you need to eat more than 1,400 calories a day, and metntions that those diet spokeswoman never seem to be able to keep their extra weight off – perhaps this is why.
  2.  Women are addicted to what Craig calls the 1990’s Diet. This is based on the low fat, high carb diet pushed in the 1990s. He asks the fabulous question: “When was the last time you could stop eating at one granola bar?” One needs to eat real food, one ingredient foods packed with nutrients to be healthy and energized. One item foods are just that – foods that are complete in themselves. Think of those foods that you can eat alone only have one ingredient. There is nothing that you can’t pronounce in the ingredients, nothing that you have no idea of what it is, simple whole foods. Carry a snack baggie of nuts with you if you need a snack on the go.
  3.  Women skip “cheat meals” then go on “diet-destroying binges” as he calls them. Stop denying yourself what you want, and enjoy your cheat meal so that you can stick with your program – otherwise you will end up destroying all the hard work you did going on a “BINGE” which then tuns into a sugar addiction which last a very long time placing you in a worse situation then before you ever started your weight management program.
  4. Women label certain healthy foods as “EVIL” which only makes things harder for them. Whole fruit does not make you fat, “It is the 100 calorie snack pack” that fills you up, gives you energy delivering many life giving nutrients. Craig states that you will never, ever get fat eating whole fruit.
  5.  Women choose the wrong snacks:

100 calorie chocolate bars – can you eat just one of these?

Sugar laden yoghurt

Belly fat bulging granola bars leaving you to want more


You can do yourself a favor by eating more lean protein and eating it after your muscle building workout. Keep a food journal to keep you one track and by all means use your cheat day so that you never feel deprived. This will take away the need to binge leaving you to more easily dissolve those extra pounds away.

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