Mar 10 2016

Why I am The Anti-therapist, Hypnotist

Targeting.gif [animated]Vol. 352 – March 10, 2016 – Why I am The Anti-therapist, Hypnotist

I saw an advertisement for coaches and change agents who wanted to be interviewed by a coach who has her own internet interview radio show. So, I answered the advertisement to find out more about the opportunity.. After speaking with the woman behind the radio program, I decided that it wasn’t a fit for me. However, she thought it would be a great idea for me to do a blogpost explaining why it is that I consider myself the “Anti-Therapist, Hypnotist.” So, here is my explanation:

It is only after sometimes decades of conventional therapy, sometimes having experienced several so-called rehabilitation centers in the cases of my clients dealing with drug and sex addiction, anorexia and bulimia, that my clients come to me for their “last hope” to be healed

This is the idea that you need to understand: I don’t need or want my clients to feel the “need” for my services, because that is the construct for what is known as a co-dependent relationship and goes against everything that the true hypnotists of yesteryear believed in. Hypnotists for decades and even centuries did their best to heal their patients and clients as quickly as could be done using the correct part of the mind to get these fast results. It is true that it is only recently that we understand the biology behind hypnotism, thanks to brain imaging technology. However, my predecessors were able to create unbelievable healing as quickly as anyone could make happen, with the power of the unconscious mind. Really, if you think about the shamans, medicine men and women, the witch doctor, all understood that to truly help heal a person, one needs to work with the body, mind and spirit – holistically.

Therapists are taught all sorts of theories of growth and development, the diagnostic criteria for payment through their Diagnostic Standard Manual (DSM) for which they must use the codes to be reimbursed by the insurance companies for payment. The only problem with this assessment is that useful symptoms are not always observable, there is a high rate of comorbidity, overlap of symptoms and a lack of specificity of the symptoms. For example one could look at a person who is diagnosed with Bipolar 1, meaning that they experience psychotic symptoms, however, schizophrenics also experience psychotic symptoms as can depressives. Not only that, many of the medications given to stop these symptoms can also cause psychosis.

I had a client come to me many years ago who seemed to have two personalities. She was very calm and sweet normally, yet every now and again this other being would take over., an angry raging woman. The cause of this personality change: a psychotic event caused by antidepressants she was taking at the time.

Further, these therapists learn that a person has a “chemical imbalance” in which they need to have some medication to reduce the symptoms. Unfortunately, most of the medications that have been on the market for these purposes have worked to the degree of a placebo – most especially the antidepressants as Dr. Irving Kirsch of Harvard University has found over 30 years of research on the ‘placebo effect.” His research was backed up by Dr. Walter Brown, of Brown University. Even the National Institute of Health in Great Britain will not allow their doctors to prescribe antidepressants unless the patient is seen to have major depression where suicidal behavior is a great possibility. This because they have noted that these drugs simply do not work on more minor forms of depression. Given the expense and the side effects they aren’t wroth prescribing.

The real kicker here is that Lawrence Blum, M.D., has noted that we have yet to discover a chemical imbalance or biomarker, which is why these drugs really do not work as the pharmaceutical companies would like you to buy into. There is no foundation in science on which to claim they work.

What you need to understand is that symptoms do not correlate with a disorder, yet once the therapist “labels” a person, the licensed medical professionals see things through these labels. Worse, for too many people running around calling themselves ADD, OCD, PTSD, etc, the great majority have never been “diagnosed” by a licensed professional. They have learned to use these labels as a reason to not do many things that they could be doing learning self-helplessness in the process. This problem is compounded the earlier in life the person is when labeled. Why would anyone do things that they don’t want to do, if a label tells someone that they are incapable of doing so?

I had another client many years ago who had an eating disorder. She was living off her church and off her ex’s minimal alimony payments. My goal with her was to let go of the idea that she needed to live off the church she had come to understand was into the occult, and instead figure out a way to use her considerable sewing, quilt making, cooking, or musical skills to create an income for herself. Though she was able to safely get off all of the medications that were prescribed her, got to a decent healthy weight, was thinking much clearer, she never did truly let go of the notion that she could live on her own and be okay. Not everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to live a happy and fulfilling life. Part of the problem here may have been that she was an older person who had lived her life in institutions and off of other people.

So, as a hypnotist my job is to “de-label” my clients allowing them to realize that every human being on the planet has strengths and weaknesses from which to build a life. We all need to have people help us in those areas that we find challenging as we help others in the areas that they find challenging. This is the way every company that ever made any money has done so – different people with different interests and abilities contributing to the whole.

My job as I see it is to help my clients to resolve to be the best person that they can be, using their talents and interests to add some value to the world, bringing them fulfillment in life. A fulfilled life, is a happy and functional life.

Most importantly, though for anyone to heal, the most important gift to be given is unconditional love and support. Because to tell you the truth coming from the world of mental health, conventionally speaking, and elder care – what I was most horrified by was the judgments made by those with the licenses limiting what they thought any given person would be able to achieve as if they were a “god” or a “goddess” to know such things.

I tell my clients from the very beginning that I couldn’t care less how many degrees or licenses a person holds – the only person who has the ability to heal them is them self – once they realize that they are worth the time and effort to do so – with me acting as the facilitator in that healing. They are the experts in their problems, they created them, and so it is that they teach me how to go about how to de-create them – and then the rest is just the process of doing just that – leaving their problems in the past, living their lives in the present as they create their compelling future – because the compelling future is the reason to let go of any and all dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors, and so it is….

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