Sep 03 2015

Wayne Dyer’s Last Miracle

  Wayne Dyer By Phil KonstantinWayne Dyer’s Last Miracle – Volume 325, September 3, 2015

Wayne Dyer passed away in his sleep Saturday night, August 29, 2015, at the age of 75. His time here was complete and he was needed elsewhere. He had no fear of dying, realizing that there was a new adventure in the other world, so it’s only appropriate to celebrate his life for all the gifts he gave those he touched through his work, as well as celebrating  his passing to his new destiny.

I have read so many obituaries on his life that speak to his method of having “psychic Surgery” with John of God as being a crazy idea, and yet the man worked up until the very end, with more speaking engagements in his schedule going into the future. He exercised daily and ate healthily along the way. He lived six years after his diagnosis of leukemia and some feel that was a failure of his chosen healing techniques. However, I have a different take on the events than those who are incapable of understanding the congruence between his spiritual and health care beliefs and the manner in which he treated himself.

Wayne Dyer taught many things that were of most importance to those who followed his teachings, many coming from Eastern thought. He always credited his teachers and the sources from where his ideas came so it is a matter of record. In the Eastern traditions the body, mind and spirit all work together as a whole.  So he did his best to take those actions that would enable him to heal his body and allow it and his mind to function as best he could.

The belief in being a good person and giving back was one of Dr. Dyer’s wonderful legacies to the schools and non-profits that he supported. During his radio show a person would call in with a particular issue, he would have his people mail out free to the caller whatever of his products he thought would be of the most help. He was a man who lived his philosophy.

Those who were great friends of his on the speaking circuit, always remarked that he was the one truly humble and heart centered speaker they knew who lived his life in integrity, as he taught others to do from the stage.

He never complained about his life, he worked through his issues and came to better understand who he was and what he wanted to stand for in this life. He said that it was never to late to have a good childhood. His belief was that one can interpret one’s life in a manner that supports health and wellbeing. This instead of blaming others for whatever hurtful actions may have been done during one’s life. Forgiveness is the tonic of anger, blame and guilt.

He understood very well that the thoughts in the mind control the functioning of the body, so was very careful in the working through all of his own self-damaging thoughts. This brings me back to the original idea of this weblog; he fed his mind with ideas and spiritual practices that brought peace and calm to his life. As a hypnotist, all I have to work with is the perceptions of my client’s mind to help the healing process. The mind is the most powerful tool we have. When we know how to use it for health and good will,   someone in Dr. Dyer’s condition was able to add six more years of productivity and love to his life to the age of 69 when the leukemia first was diagnosed. Not a bad result at all, I would call it miraculous.

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