Feb 23 2013

Vol. 92, September 2010 – What’s A Human Life Worth?

Written by Donna N.

I was listening to the news on the radio while driving home recently and a man came on and gave a 3 minute commentary that is still sticking in my mind. No matter how hard I try to forget his words, I cannot.

What he said disturbs me even now, over a week later.

Most of us know that the person dubbed the “Craiglist killer”  committed suicide recently.  Why this person felt the need to take his own life can only be speculated now. Why the person giving the commentary said what he said can only be guessed by me, because I am not sure it is even worth the time to find him to inquire. What I believe is that this person has little regard for human life.

What this person said is that the world is far better for this “Craiglist killer” having taken his own life, and the fact that Massachusetts does not have to pay millions of dollars to support this scum in jail is a plus. What really got to me is  how he went on to actually thank this “Craiglist killer” for taking his own life.

OK, maybe it is the old mentality – an eye for an eye, a life for a life.  I at one time actually used to be for the death penalty, when another person kills another person, what is fair is fair and all that.  However, I have since come to believe that people act the way they do, and do the things that they do for a reason. Given this, I need to ask the question, or at least put it out there – should we not be helping these people, instead of killing them, like they are worthless pieces of crap, and not really human beings like you and I.

I am sure at one time this “Craiglist killer” was indeed a person who mattered to someone somewhere. He was engaged to be married and seemed to have a life that included Medical School.  So at one time he could have been you or me.  Okay maybe, college and not Medical school.

He also seemed to have another side of him that appeared to roam the Internet Adult sites and at one point he had acted on this. He perhaps could not deal with the fact that t he had done what he had, and somehow it ended up in the ultimate bad situation of murder.  Perhaps he had these sexual compulsions for some time and never acted.  Perhaps he had acted many times previously or only once.

How many of us have done things we wish we had not?  How many of us wish we could take back that which we have done?  Hopefully not many of us have gone as far as committing murder, however I am sure for some of us the things we have done and continue perhaps to do, that we have the desire not to do is at times overwhelming.  We do not know how to stop that which we do not desire to do any longer. We do not know where to turn for help, whom to call or how to ask for that help. Maybe we feel no one can help us. Possibly we feel embarrassed to ask for help. Whatever the reason, is it enough to warrant our killing ourselves?  Is it enough to require us to check out of this life?  Is it something or some one that can not be helped?

I feel that people regard human life these days as disposable at times. That a person can feel any good over another person committing suicide whether or not that person was a serial killer or a saint bothers me a great deal. I have come to the belief that people act the way they do for a reason.  A reason we may never come to know.  I believe that something happens in our brains that causes us to act in the manner that we act, and feel. I am not condoning murder by any means.  I only believe that if a person commits this act, he needs as much help as we can give him.

Psychopaths are not born, people are not born to kill. I believe that if they can be reached soon enough they can be helped.  If we do not reach them soon enough does this mean they are worthless as human beings and deserve to die? That as the news commentator stated they are doing us a favor by taking their own lives.  At what point then do they become meaningless pieces of trash, and at what point are they still able to be helped?

Why do some people always seem angry, others always seem happy? Why do some people feel they need drugs to cope, or live? Instead of killing people or stashing them away in prisons only to have them get released into the environment to be more dangerous, I would like to see our society actually look at these individuals and perhaps try to understand and help these people. Not kill them like they were some rabid dog. Or put them in cages for a period of time only to release them with the same issues.

There are a lot of sexual compulsives that never feel the need to kill, or even the need to feel that they have a problem. There are a lot of drug addicts out there that are in denial and feel they have it all under control. To a person who does not have these issues, it may seem different. Different in the way that we see these people as needing help. Different because these life issues are not healthy and normal. The question is at what point do they become unhealthy and a problem? If it is disrupting one’s life and effecting others I would classify it as a problem. The problem is most often the person who has the issue does not see the issue as a problem until it is often too late, and he makes the front page of the newspaper, or begins a path of destruction that destroys his life.

Given the fact that a person can nurture and provide all the help and guidance to another individual, and that person still takes the path of destruction, and or commits suicide to me shows that something has gone wrong in that persons brain chemistry.

I have a hard time believing that a person wants to take the path of destruction and or ultimately kill themselves. I have an even harder time accepting that a person gives accolades when that person does.

Rest in peace, “Craiglist killer”, and all the others like him that have committed suicide knowing that at least I know you were not born to be whom the newspaper media dubbed you, and that I regret you were not able to get the help you needed.

Actually, what I regret is that there are people that don’t believe you deserved the help you never got.

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