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Trichotillomania: Do You Or One Of Your Kids Pull Out Hair?

Vol. 62, March 2008 – Trichotillomania: Do You Or One Of Your Kids Pull Out Hair?

A couple of years ago I gave a demonstration and lecture in hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. One of the participants attended because his wife wanted him to learn about the subject searching for a way to get their fourteen year old son to stop pulling out his eye lashes.

A few days later I receive a call from his wife explaining the above and wanted to know if I could help. You see they had already tried the medication route and she found his pills on the floor, hidden under the couch cushions, and in other places leading her to conclude that he was not taking them as prescribed. Her husband was on their son’s case to stop this habit every time he looked at his son’s uneven eye lashes.

The mother brought her son to the first session and I found out that this kid had a couple of obsessive compulsive behaviors only one of which was the eye lash pulling. I did a procedure called “Parts Therapy” where we find the purpose that the unconscious mind created the behavior and then integrate it with the conscious mind so that both minds are now working as one. We discovered that it all began with his sister breaking a snow globe of his a few years previous and he was angry at her for doing this. Once he was able to understand that he did not need to be angry with her any longer we were able to continue with the rest of the intervention.

I had him go into a deep trance state where he was able to create anesthesia in his hand and had him increase it as we moved the anesthesia from his right hand to his left hand, to his left foot to his right foot and back at his right hand, the hand he used to do the pulling of the eye lashes. I gave him the suggestion that just as he easily created the anesthesia in his hand and could no longer feel it, he could now no longer ever feel the need to pull out his eye lashes. He was also given a new behavior of moving his hand through his hair instead, because if a behavior is removed, it is always good to replace it with another, but the suggestion was also given that he would probably never have the need to use his new behavior.

To finish off the session I had him see himself no longer needing to do this behavior starting when he got home from the session, into the next day and through his life.

When he came back in for the second meeting his father came with him. He was happy with the results of the intervention, but could I please do something about the fact that he will not allow his younger sister into his room. We did some work around this and they left. I received a phone call about a year later from the father. The first thing out of his mouth was that he was quite pleased with how is son was doing but there was an issue with one of his daughters that he wanted to get some assistance with if it would be appropriate.

Trichotillomania is the recurrent pulling out of one’s hair resulting in noticeable hair loss usually as a war of reducing tension immediately before pulling it out or attempting to resist the behavior according to the DSM-IV used by the psychiatric professionals to diagnose it.

If you have a child who is pulling out their hair quite literally it only takes one session to do the work with another to follow-up to make sure that the behavior has stopped. I suggest that you call a hypnotist in order to take care of this problem and better yet work with some one who has some knowledge of NLP because this is an easy problem to take care of from the hypnotic point of view with a person with the appropriate knowledge.

If you are an adult and suffering from the same behavior, it may take a longer intervention in order to take care of the issue. Adults have usually had the problem over many more years setting the behavior more strongly in their unconscious mind. I have also noted that adults with this issue have deeper routed reasons for the behavior and many times have other symptoms like rashes or pulling of scabs that go with it. The problem can still be treated but it needs to be addressed in a more thorough fashion.

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