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Young ice hockey player clears grief and is now “In The Zone”

Before I came to Suzanne, my confidence in myself was dwindling. I’ve played ice hockey for the past ten years, and all my experience in playing was worthless because I didn’t know how to believe in my abilities. Sports are 90% mental and 10% physical, and unfortunately I didn’t have the mental part down. Suzanne helped me realize that it was ok to believe in myself and be proud of my talents, and that it was alright to not be perfect. Before I went to Suzanne, I always had a heavy pressure to be perfect in my chest, but now upon realizing that I’m perfect the way I am, the pressure is gone. Suzanne taught me how to let go of bad things that have happened in my past, and how I’m alright with just living and loving my life confidently and happily one day at a time.

Also, in the past three years, I’ve lost four of my young friends. I took it very hard as they were all under the age of 18 and all very close to me. Suzanne taught me how to accept their deaths, but hold on to their memories, and appreciate all the beautiful things they gave me. All in the matter of one two hour session with Suzanne, three years of heartbreaking pain was eased. Lorraine, Matthew, Cassie and Jamie are with me every day, but the agonizing pain that came with their deaths is gone.

Alexandra Doucette, Age 18

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