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Woman overcomes chronic pain, PTSD and weight issues after hypnotic intervention

After 6 years of chronic pain, 50 lbs of weight gain and PTSD, HYPNOTIC INTERVENTION helped one woman change her life.


Hypnotherapy helped L.E., who initially sought relief from constant, disabling pain, but went on to resolve other long-standing, important life issues. This is her story:


Prior to meeting Suzanne Kellner-Zinck, I was bedridden for 5 years with daily severe chronic pain. Now I have a part-time job and lead a life of higher quality than I ever expected to have again.


There are various theories of pain, but I found an article by Melanie Thernstrom (Life without Pain” Reader’s Digest, December 2003, pp. 128-133) that seemed to explain my situation –


“Pain has traditionally been understood as a symptom of some underlying disease. Treat the illness and the pain takes care of itself. Yet the experience of patients show that chronic pain often outlives its original causes, worsens over time and takes on a puzzling life of its own…Unlike ordinary or acute pain, which is part of a healthy nervous system, chronic pain resembles a disease, a pathology of the nervous system that produces abnormal changes in the brain…this pain harms the body, unleashing negative hormones like cortisol that, adversely affect the immune system.


This article made sense to me and my situation, for I had run the gamut of doctors and hospitals with little success. I had every gastric test possible and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My GYN diagnosed endometriosis and other doctors various mental illnesses. I had a laporoscopy, a surgical procedure to take out endometriosis, yet I was in worse pain than ever. I went to another hospital and was put on massive doses of Neurontin. This led to side effects similar to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, for  which I was given more drugs. I went to Spaulding Pain Clinic, which included treatment with Oxycontin and then a 3 week inpatient program to get off the Oxycontin. I had another laporoscopy , two years after the first and received some relief, but not enough to allow me to go back to work, much less to return to my favorite hobby – dancing.


On a scale of 1-10, I was a 10, a physical and emotional wreck. I felt that the pain had become a disease itself and that western medicine did not have the answer. After a lot of research, my husband found Suzanne Kellner-Zinck.


Through hypnosis, Suzanne was able to alter the mind-body connection of the pain. When I began my sessions, I was literally bedridden. When we we finished our work, I had a part-time job, was doing household chores and was beginning to exercise. My husband and I even signed up for tango lessons!


I am not saying I am pain free. I am saying I used to be in severe pain every day. Now, I have two weeks of little to no pain 0-3 (on pain scale) and then one week of mild to severe pain (5-8 on pain scale)(the “schedule” due to continued hormonal imbalances.) If you have chronic pain, you will understand that this is a momentous change.


But there is more: without the horrific pain I had been experiencing, I was finally able to exercise again. It took me almost 2 years, but I was now able to MOVE! At first, I used a video to exercise to, because I was too embarrassed to go to a gym (never mind not having the money to pay for one). I wish now that I had a camera aimed at me, the fat lady, trying to keep up with the dance video, sweating, and looking gross as I tried to follow dance moves that I used to do years ago with ease and grace. I would sell it as a comedy piece to go split screen with the original…but it was not fun or funny at the time. When I could not keep my arms up, I marched. When I could not march, I shuffled my feet…but I kept on going. If you used to be in shape, you know why. The emotional pain of looking at that mess in the mirror was too great. It was maintaining the “Pain Patient” persona. I wanted to just be me again. The second picture shows me underweight (according to my doctor, who also says I look older) but I feel light and I can dance!


L.E. Continued to see Suzanne for treatment and later reported this breakthrough:


I had developed post-traumatic-stress-disorder from living my first 17 years in a very abusive environment. Until I worked with Suzanne, I woke up every morning, terrified, with one thought in my head: “Where is he?!?” this, despite the fact that I had left my parent’s home at the age of 17 and was now 44 years old! No matter where I was, where I lived, this morning terror followed. Through the use of Time Line Therapy ®, Suzanne first cleared my ANGER, and then my SADNESS and then my ANXIETY, which in turn freed me from my morning routine of fear forever. Now I wake up just grateful with reduced pain, looking forward to my new life ahead.


Thank you Suzanne!!


With great appreciation,



Lisa before hypnotic treatment and Lisa as she is today.

Lisa before hypnotic treatment and Lisa as she is today.

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