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Jul 28 2014

Vol. 97 February 2011 – Living Your Definite Purpose

This article demonstrates two examples of how two woman were derailed from their definite purposes and how they got back on track.

Jul 21 2014

Trichotillomania: Do You Or One Of Your Kids Pull Out Hair?

Suzanne works with a child how habitually pulls at the hairs in his eyebrows. This action was caused buy what the child perceived as a traumatic act earlier in his life. Suzanne also discusses how this treatment may word differently for adults

Mar 03 2014

Be In Control of Your Own Life

Are you a person who puts on a “mask” pretending to be the person that you believe others will like better than the natural you? It takes a lot of energy to do this while you are decreasing your own sense of self. Being in control of your own life is based on being true to who you are and allowing others to accept you as a result.

Feb 03 2014

Is The Pharmacological Business is Running Your Life?

Suzanne discusses the advantages of using hypnosis techniques such as Time Line Therapy and NLP instead of medications.

Dec 09 2013

Anger, Depression Focused Inwardly

This client sought Suzanne help for smoking cessation, but then discovered he needed to work his way through other issues related to his parental relationships.

Nov 25 2013

Do You Feel Suffocated by Your Mother?

Invasive parental relationships can be traumatic and suffocating. Here, Suzanne discusses a few examples invasive relationships and urges readers not to let parents’ issues become their own

Nov 18 2013

Claustrophobia: Does It Hinder Your Life?

Suzanne discusses the unconscious roots of claustphobic behaivior and suggests hypnosis as a way to overcome those feelings of fear.