Tag: empowerment

Jan 27 2014


Though change can sometimes be difficult, it is when we get out of those situations that we are able to see the negativity that surrounded us. Empowerment can come once we make the necessary changes.

Dec 09 2013

Anger, Depression Focused Inwardly

This client sought Suzanne help for smoking cessation, but then discovered he needed to work his way through other issues related to his parental relationships.

Jul 04 2013

Is Your Health Care As Important as Your SUV? Vol. 108 July 7, 2011

In this day of materialism it seems that people care more about investing in high priced items rather than dealing with the more challenging area of confronting issues of health leading to a transformation of to a better way of living.

Mar 09 2013

Serious Young Athletes Experiencing Anxiety Can Be Helped With Hypnosis!

Hypnotic techniques aren’t limited to tackling adult issues. Children of all ages can benefit in many ways from hypnosis.

Dec 29 2012

Do You Count in Your Own Life?

Suzanne shares examples from her own life on how she made adjustments to raise her own personal worth in her own mind.

Jun 29 2012

Sexual Addiction: Is it Getting You Down?

Many complicating issues can cause sexual addiction in an individual. Here, Suzanne works witha client whose family history was rife with addictions. After some forgiveness work, he was able to channel his energies elsewhere.