Tag: Addictions

Sep 01 2014

Home Remedies for Heartburn and other ways to avoid your Prescription Pusher- Vol.156, July 6, 2012

Article Written by Donna M. Novi explores one of the most insidious issues of medical treatment today explored in “Wake Up Doctors” ad·dict [ áddikt ] somebody dependent on a drug: somebody who is physiologically or psychologically dependent on a potentially harmful drug enthusiast: somebody who is very interested in a particular thing and devotes a lot of time …

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Aug 21 2014

Leigh Steinberg Learns the Hard Life Lessons of Alcoholism on His Career and Finances – Vol. 139, February 16, 2012

How is it that a man who has represented so many sports legends finds himself having to have filed for Chapter 7, personal bankruptcy? It is as is so often the case that the impulsive behaviors that manifest one with alcoholism are to be the cause for much of this man’s sad situation in life. …

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Aug 04 2014

How to be happy by facing your inner demons- Vol. 152, June 7, 2012

Article Written By Donna M. Novi Trying to take control of your life to feel happy and content is not an easy thing to do sometimes.This could be for a variety of reasons, known and unknown, or as hypnotists say, conscious or unconscious. A lot of times there are issues that are running in the …

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Jul 08 2014

Abuse of Anxiety Drug Increases Fatalities: Use Your Mind Instead – Vol. 120, September 29, 2011

According to an article in the New York Times, September 14, 2011, Xanax (generic name alprazolam), an anti-anxiety drug was the eighth most prescribed drug in the nation last year, according to SDI, a data firm that tracks drug sales. Xanax is a benzodiazepine which is a sedative. The problem with this medication is that …

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Jun 02 2014

All You Have to do is Believe in Spirit – Vol. 89 June, 2010

Spirit has guided me through all I have been through lately and I know as long as I continue to believe in Spirit, all will work out for the better.

May 12 2014

Closed Head Injury: Why Doctors may have missed Junior Seau’s Head Trauma Symptoms – Vol.147, May, 4, 2012

Donna Novi Ever wonder why there seems to be more killings and just plain unhappy crazy people “out there” in the world these days.  It’s hard not to hear, see or read about people shooting one another or harming one another since there are TV’s every where these days: work cafeterias, laundromats, doctors offices,  even …

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Mar 24 2014

Internet Porn and Sexual Addiction, What is Driving it and What can be Done About It?

Experts believe that between 6 and 10% of the American public experiences real problems with sexual compulsions or inappropriate sexual expression. About 80% of the men who come in to my practice with this problem have some sort of sexual abuse in their history. Hypnosis and NLP are viable remedies to this problem based on the result of my practice.