Dec 15 2012

Study Demonstrates that Trouble Emoting Leads to Panic Attacks; Release Them Easily with Hypnosis

Vol. 75, April 2009- Study Demonstrates that Trouble Emoting Leads to Panic Attacks, Release Them Easily with Hypnosis.

There are many people who have difficulty expressing their emotions because they have a hard time identifying them creating the cause for what is commonly known as panic attacks. Many times when the first panic attack is experienced, it is mistakenly thought to be a heart attack. This is because the symptoms of a panic attack: chest pain, a rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, dizziness, faintness, weakness and sweating starting with a feeling of terror are very similar to what a person having a heart attack would experience. Sometimes the individual who is having panic attacks stop doing their normal activities with a small percentage becoming agoraphobic, never leaving their homes.

Silvana Galderisi, MD, PhD, and her colleagues at the University of Naples in Italy studied the phenomena known as alexithymia – the inability to identify, understand and express emotions and its influence on the creation of panic disorders. Dr. Galderisi found that those who had panic disorder did have alexithymia along with a greater difficulty tuning out distracting stimuli. She theorizes that these difficulties may reflect a dysfunction in the fronto-temporo-limbic circuits, the part of the brain that modulates emotional experience, which may lead to panic attacks.

Another specialist, Dr.Mona Schultz, MD, PhD medical intuitive, neuropsychiatrist and author of “The New Feminine Brain”, agreed with the premise of the research. To her mind, if a person has a backlog of emotions that hasn’t been expressed it will be stuck in the body and erupt in the form of a panic attack. She believes it may be a problem in the interaction between the right brain, where emotions are experienced and the left brain where the skills involved in expressing them would be. Whatever the truth is there is apparently a connection between the inability to emote appropriately and the incidence of panic attacks.

When I deliver any sort of presentation on hypnosis I always end with the comment “If you look around the room you will see many people smiling, though some of them are “dying inside”. If you are a person who is experiencing problems and you continue to ignore them one of three things will happen: you will either get mentally ill, physically ill or both. If you fit this description please come and talk with me to see what can be done to deal with your personal issue.”

It is very sad that in our society people feel the need to pretend to be “okay” when in fact their lives are not going well. It is all part of the game that is played in order to function in the business world for to be “human” in many companies is not allowed. I am here to tell you that human beings have emotions for a reason. Those emotions are there to tell us if we are doing alright or if something is out of balance and needs to be attended to in order to stay healthy. When we ignore those emotions, stuffing them down inside they will come out in a manner that is much more damaging than if they were handled in a constructive manner when they first appeared

I would like you to think about whether or not you are stuffing your emotions because it seems easier to do that than to deal with whatever may be needed to be “handled”. I would also like you to think about the long term ramifications on your health by continuing to stuff those emotions. I can tell you that if you stuff them long enough and hard enough you may even be in a place where you are unable to “feel” those emotions any longer, making it much harder for you to relate to others. This is because you are unable to understand what it is that they are feeling. This defense mechanism protects you by not allowing you to get close to others, and being hurt anymore, yet by staying emotionally distant, you are unable to really “connect” with anyone outside yourself creating a feeling of being all alone. The feeling of “being alone” is what creates many mental health, and even physical health issues to arise.

It is helpful to understand that many traumas are formed in a “gestalt” meaning that one event happened and then many others of similar nature occurred later, creating the string of panic attacks (in this instance) to manifest. With the techniques that practitioners of  neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) possess it is very easy to let go of these trauma’s including that which created the very first panic attack, so they no longer control you. I have used these techniques on a regular basis to assist my clients and even have had it done for me to relieve me of some of the problematic issues of my life. It works so quickly, without medications being required that it is difficult to fathom, and yet, it does indeed work and work well.

If you fit into any of these categories I firmly suggest you hire a hypnotist who deals with emotional issues to assist you in letting go of the negative emotions that you are now “stuffing” to the point where other medical conditions may be limiting your happiness and productivity. I would suggest you locate a hypnotist who has a fairly good knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming as well as Time Line Therapy ™ because these two types of hypnosis will take less time to work in healing you. Time Line Therapy ™ was created by Tad James to quickly and effectively allow clients to get positive learnings from their negative emotions and limited beliefs with the most efficacy of any treatment I have had the opportunity to learn.

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