Apr 13 2017

Spreading Joy


joy photoSpreading Joy – Vol. 409, April 13, 2017

It is so easy to spread some joy to the world, and in so doing you are bringing joy to yourself. How do you do this? Simple: smile at people as you go through your day. I don’t know if you ever realized this, but when you smile, the people that you encounter will smile back (in most cases). It’s an automatic response. I can’t tell you how many times people have let me go in front of them on line, just for the price of a smile.

If you are noticing that someone is having a hard day, like the cashier on the grocery line, validate it for them by saying something like, “It looks like you are having a rough day. I hope it gets better.” I have found that when I have done this, the cashier always thanks me for that validation and puts a smile on her face.

If you are out with someone who is having a hard time financially, offer to pick up their tab – it will make their day. Those few bucks are an excellent investment in you bringing joy to both of you.

If someone is quiet and shy, go up and introduce yourself to them. Make a comment that will bring a smile to their face – like a compliment of some sort, as long as it comes from your heart. You may make yourself a new friend in the process.

There are so many small things that we can do to make someone’s life joyful. It’s all about being able to empathize, being kind and sharing what we have, even if it is merely a smile. The best part is that you bring joy to yourself in the process.

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