Mar 30 2013

Smoking Cessation: How Do You Know if You are Truly Ready to Stop Smoking?

Why have you abandoned us?Smoking Cessation: How Do You Know if You are Truly Ready to Stop Smoking?- Vol. 194, March 30

Isn’t it interesting that the people who already have a lung or heart disease who call in to stop smoking, always tell me that they can’t afford the cost of the one session to do so?

The reason that they can’t afford to quit their habit is because they purchase their cigarettes one box at a time instead of in cartons. However, this is not the reason they are not choosing to stop their smoking habit, it is merely the excuse for why they will not stop.

Those people who do come in to get the session done find that they have stopped smoking for a year or longer after they make the DECISION to STOP. You see, this is all it takes – a decision to STOP SMOKING. That is all. For those who try to stop and don’t succeed, the main problem is that they want to stop, however they haven’t COMMITTED to stopping their smoking habit and thus there is really nothing that can be done to help them to stop the habit.

You see, the part of them that wants to stop is the conscious mind, while the unconscious mind is keeping them smoking for whatever they feel they get out of the act of smoking – to feel calmer (truly interesting given that nicotine is a stimulant so is the opposite of calming), giving them something to do when they are bored, anxious or during certain activities that they have unconsciously linked up with their smoking behavior like drinking alcohol, driving or talking on the phone. In short, their cigarettes are their “best friend” always there to soothe them no matter what the issue is that is causing them angst.

If you are a person who has committed to stopping smoking, have tried myriads of methods with little to no results, hypnosis has been demonstrated to be one of the most effective ways of achieving your goal. Cardiologists at McGill University and the Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, evaluated four hypnotherapy trials involving 273 people and found that those who had some form of hypnosis were 4.6 times more likely to be smoke-free after 12 months then those without any form of hypnosis.

The reason behind this great result is because hypnosis brings together the two parts of your mind – the conscious and the unconscious mind allowing you to easily drop the unwanted habit. When you consider that there are no drugs involved, need to hold an electronic cigarette, or putting nicotine directly into your body, doesn’t it make sense to work with a hypnotist who knows how to help you end this deadly habit?


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