Mar 09 2013

Serious Young Athletes Experiencing Anxiety Can Be Helped With Hypnosis!

Vol. 45, December 2006

In the last couple years I have had a few young serious sports competitors come in to work with me to relieve anxiety issues around their competitions. The kids are very interested in coming in to do the work so they can get back on track, which makes it very easy to accomplish the goal of relieving them of any symptoms due to their anxiety. I want to share a couple of cases to demonstrate how well this sort of intervention can work for these passionate kids.

A couple of years ago, a few days before Thanksgiving Day I received a call from a very concerned mother regarding her nine year old gymnast daughter. She wondered if I would see them on Thanksgiving Day because her daughter had a very important competition very soon and would no longer practice on the uneven parallel bars without any indication as to why. I scheduled them to come in the morning of Thanksgiving to do the work.

Under hypnosis the daughter was able to remember that at the gym she was previously training there were more than a few occasions when the spotter of the uneven parallel bars had dropped her which was why they changed gyms. At the current gym the spotter was a very strong Russian man who spoke was unable to speak any English. He was pushing her so hard on the bars that her hips were hurting her all the time. She was being treated by an acupuncturist for the pain, but apparently no one put together the action of the spotter and the pain in her hips. The pain got so bad that she refused to practice on the uneven parallel bars at all. I suggested that the daughter speak to the coach to see if they could make a change of spotters. This way she was still in control of her situation at the gym. If nothing changed I suggested that her mother have a chat with the coach. If still nothing changed they would need to change gyms once again. Her daughter was a very hard worker and really was committed to do what she needed to in order to be the next Olympian winner in her sport, but having the adults who were employed to keep her safe, causing her little body so much trauma was not a worthwhile way to either spend her parents money and more importantly traumatize her body.

I had another mother call in regarding her high school daughter who was a goalie on the high school varsity team. For some reason she and the coach were not getting along and her daughter was not enjoying the game any longer and finding it difficult to compete in the games. This was so unlike her for she had been playing the game since she was six years old playing against her brothers.

In her case she needed to release the anger she felt toward the coach, however this case went a little deeper. As I was working with her daughter, the mother wrote a little note telling me that she had lost four of her young friends in the past three years with one of them being a buddy of hers from the ice hockey team. We did some work to allow her to relieve herself of the pain she felt from the deaths of all of these friends of hers. A week or so later I received an email from her mother along with an article from the local paper with a picture of her daughter doing what she does best, being a great goalie of her team. She had felt the presence of her lost team member playing with her for the remainder of her senior year as a result of our work.

It is important to understand that sometimes a trauma in the past can create a problem in the present. Hypnotists are able to get to the cause of the problem and release it, so that competitors can concentrate on what is important to them without the difficulties that an underlying anxiety can take away from the pleasure and fulfillment of being the athletes that they know that they can be.

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