Jan 05 2013

Quit Weed and Harder Drugs Without Withdrawals Using Hypnosis

Say no to drugs and say yes to tacos!Vol. 182, Jan. 5, 2013

One would be lead to believe that it is impossible to withdraw from drugs without some sort of withdrawals occurring with all the information the drug rehabilitation programs and medical establishment plasters the media with. Let me tell you a little story of a great success I had with a new client of mine to demonstrate the ability of your own mind to handle this situation easily, effectively and with little to no symptoms of withdrawal upon stopping the drug.


I received an email from a 28 year old woman who got hooked on heroin about four years ago. She did it, she said, to be able to be with the man who she felt she loved. He was a heroin user who turned her on to it. She had never used any drugs at all before this occurrence, never really having been exposed to any drugs till then.


Over the past four years she had been in a couple of in-patient rehabs, generally for 5 days, finding herself being drawn back into the world of drugs to be with the man she felt she loved. The last time this happened was right after the last rehab a few weeks before she called me. She was actively using four or so times a week when she called me. I told her that because I am not a licensed professional that she needed to be totally off the drugs before I could do any work at all with her, help her to stay off of the drugs for good.


You see, a couple of years ago I had a young mother who was a user of heroin placed on methadone replacement therapy who wanted to get pregnant again. I really had no idea how to go about doing this job for her. Yet, I knew a gentleman who knew another hypnotist who had successfully been able to do just that with great success with methadone in particular. I had an hour long phone consultation with him at the time, where he told me exactly what I needed to do have the young mother have a successful withdrawal from the methadone. I was ready to do the job when the methadone dependent woman found that she really wasn’t ready to go off her methadone treatment.


So, I was ready when the 28 year old woman called me for help to get her off her heroin. She came in to see me with her very supportive relative for the session that would help her withdraw from the heroin, which she was shooting into her veins a few times a week. Her relative was with her during the withdrawal process and noted that he was amazed to find that she wasn’t having any withdrawals whatsoever. She came in Friday evening and by Saturday she was out with visiting good friends, healthy friends  by both her and her relative’s description, without any issues or concerns the whole time she visited with them that evening. Sunday, again, no withdrawal symptoms at all.She didn’t understand why it was so easy given the previous experiences at the rehabilitation centers and yet, that was her experience.


She came in on Monday to start her drug abuse program with me safely withdrawn from the heroin. This was by her own choice. To date she reports that she has had few if any thoughts of “using” and finds it very easy to distract herself from those thoughts with more positive thoughts and ideas the few times this has occurred. She did have one fall back when a previous dealer called to give her a ‘free” sample the day after Christmas that she wasn’t strong enough to refuse.


Since that time her relative helped her to block all the phone numbers and emails from any of the people from that previous life style of drug use and abuse. So far she is doing very well in the program concentrating on creating a “compelling future” in line with her values and beliefs. This is the most important idea to understand about releasing any unhealthy, unwanted habit. One has to be in a situation where the future they are working toward is much more important than that old destructive habit. The compelling future also has to be based on something that is more important than one’s own issues, adding to the world for having been here. It really doesn’t matter the subject matter of the compelling future, so long as it is something that is viscerally felt as important to the client as a way to make the world a better place.


With this knowledge of knowing that you can be drug free without the need to ever go on a substitute drug like methadone, a drug that is taken each day which will no longer allow a person to get “high”, however is as difficult as any of the drugs that make one “high” to get off. To that point,  Donna M. Novi’s, my previous client and current business partner’s very own cousin committed suicide in his 30’s because he couldn’t find a professional of any sort that would help him to get off the methadone while he hated the way it made him feel. Worse, feeling he could never exit the projects where he was stuck living because he wasn’t functional on the methadone he felt helpless ending up taking his own life by hanging.


I had another client of mine several years ago. She was a nurse in her 30’s when she got addicted to pain pills. She was caught at her job and released from her position to get the help she required. She was placed on suboxone which was to replace her cocaine addiction in the same fashion that methadone is used to replace heroin. Unfortunately in her case, the suboxone worked for a couple of years until her old dealer came back into her life creating the havoc that is a drug addict’s addiction. Her ten year old son is learning through her sad example what drugs can do. In this young boy’s case his father has been very honest with him about the reason why it is that his mother isn’t always available to see him and the ramifications of her drug use on her own life. I applaud the guts this father has in being totally honest with his son about why it is that they have been divorced and the realities of the life that his mother is currently living.


Don’t kid yourself into believing there aren’t other negative consequences of the long term use these replacement drugs can have on one’s body. They are drugs after all, so be smart and stop fooling yourself into believing that they can’t and won’t have negative ramifications on your mind and body. With that in mind remember that any drugs that are placed into your body will need to be processed by your kidneys or liver depending on how the drugis metabolized by your body. Over time damage can and will be done to these two necessary life giving organs.

You see, there are reasons why it is that these replacement drugs are researched and used. However, the truth of the matter is that given the ability of your very own unconscious mind, and the help of a hypnotist who has the back round and experience to help you, along with appropriate medical over sight, you can easily see your way permanently off of drugs just as Donna M. Novi was able to do – at least for the period of three years now and counting. It should be noted though that at the time that she came in to work with me I didn’t have the ability to help her off her drug of choice using the method I used with this current client. She had to do it the hard way, and yet, she too is a successful testament to never desiring to be on any drugs of any sort ever again given her rather poor experience with them. This is all chronicled in detail in the book that she co-wrote with me based primarily on her case history. You can currently get this book: Wake Up Doctors: 10 Steps to Reclaim Your Patients Respect and Trust for FREE for opting in on the Home Page of the Dawning Visions Hypnosis website at: dawningvisions.com/.


The book will soon be available in soft cover both on the website and through Amazon.com for a small investment. The information inside there could very well save your life or a loved one.


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