Jun 28 2013

Need Motivation in Pursuit of a Higher Certification?

Vol. 71, December 2008- Need Motivation in Pursuit of a Higher Certification?

Many times as we continue through life there are times when it becomes evident that it could be helpful to go for a higher level of certification in order to better do our jobs, move up to a higher level or perhaps even change our careers. In so doing there are many things that are required of us in becoming successful. It is one thing to attend classes and read material. It is quite another to be able to retain that material and pass the required test in order to gain the new certifications. This becomes even more difficult if you have a job to do already. Add a family to the equation and one wonders how anyone gets through it, but many do.

I recently had a gentleman call with only one thing on his mind. He wanted to pass the bar exam to get his license to practice law. He has a full time job and a wife that wanted more of his attention. He had worked so hard for the last few years to get through law school and get his income producing activities accomplished to keep the paycheck coming in that he was just “burned out” on studying. He found every excuse there was to put aside the books with the information required to pass the test. He also realized that over the course of law school he had gained 12 pounds because of the lack of time to do his usual work out and was not eating as well as he used to when he had more time in his life. Taking this into consideration he realized that he needed to get back to the more balanced life that he had before, making time to take better care of him self.

The answer to his problem in this case was easy with hypnosis. He already knew what he wanted to achieve so all I asked him to do was to write out some suggestions that would resonate with his unconscious mind to bring in to our session. These suggestions became the basis of a CD I made for him to listen to in order to reinforce all the ingredients that would make him successful. It turned out that he had always wanted to go to law school and he finally had the means to do so. I hypnotized him as I recorded the CD. When I emerged him from the trance he felt warm and emotionally moved because it reminded him of what was important to him. Given the feeling he had with his individually created CD, he was sure that he would be listening to it every day because it felt good to do so.

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