Dec 25 2014

Merry Christmas To You: A Different Idea For You

DSCN1568Merry Christmas To You: A Different Idea For You -Vol. 291, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas to you. It has been a pleasure to serve you with these weblogs and the podcasts that you can download right from the website or for free from both I-tunes and   


Christmas is a time for many where much pressure is felt to fulfill others expectations for us. This may be true for you if you have family that you need to visit. For others it can be a lonely time because maybe you are away from your loved ones, or perhaps you don’t have many loved ones.


No matter what your own situation is, Christmas is that time before the New Year comes. With the coming of the New Year many will sit down and get in touch with the goals that they had set for the previous year and then make new goals for the new year.


These are helpful exercises to do, but I want to take a different perspective.


This is for many vacation time. I would like you to think about what the word “vacation” means to you. For some it is a grand vacation somewhere beautiful, for others it is working around the house doing all those things that never were gotten to, and for others it is spending time with loved ones.


Though those all fit a general definition of “vacation” I want you to think deeper down to what would be a great vacation for you. My guess is that it has a whole lot to do with peace and calm. Not having any expectations placed upon you. A freedom to be and do what you want to be and do in the time frame that fits your lifestyle at the time.


I am going to invite you to take the time you desire to just do as you choose for a change. There are no expectations placed on you.Call it a mental health break. During this time you stay away from any work related technology and just deeply enjoy your own freedom for a change. You can do this for as little as half an hour to a week or more depending on your own situation.


I never realized how important this time without any expectation placed upon me was till I stopped having to run around to fulfill everyone else’s expectations of me. I never realized how much stress was involved in doing that till it stopped. And, the freedom to just be and do as I pleased – WOW!!! For someone who loves to read and write and take adventures there is nothing better.


So, give yourself the Christmas present to be in the present doing what you choose to do for a change. You may be surprised at what new ideas or visions you may come up with for your own immediate future by taking this time for yourself.


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