Aug 21 2014

Leigh Steinberg Learns the Hard Life Lessons of Alcoholism on His Career and Finances – Vol. 139, February 16, 2012

How is it that a man who has represented so many sports legends finds himself having to have filed for Chapter 7, personal bankruptcy? It is as is so often the case that the impulsive behaviors that manifest one with alcoholism are to be the cause for much of this man’s sad situation in life. Even more sad for the positive impact that he has had on many men for whom sports became a way to having self-esteem while gaining a better understanding of the possibilities that were available in life through Steinberg’s donation to causes such as helping to raise over $660 million for college scholarships for young men as well as raising funds to fight racism and hate.

Unfortunately he let his eye of his business where one of his partners had unbeknown to him, taken a loan of $300,000 with one of their NFL clients which was in a forbidden act in violation of the NFL Players Association regulations. This brought about a suit forcing Mr. Steinberg to pay back the debt with any penalties that have accrued. With the negative press of his “no-show” to the court proceeding to resolve the matter, which he claims his lawyer told him he need not be present for having said representation by his own attorney, the presses went wild making him seem like a “deadbeat.”

Steinberg to his credit wrote an article to allow the public to hear his side of the story so he may once again be able to earn a living now that he has gotten himself sober with the use of a 12-step program of which taking responsibility of all his acts under the influence is a central part.

The lessons here are many. First, that one can indeed get the help that they require once they are willing to confess to themselves that they do indeed have a problem that requires outside help. Second, that the ramifications of the behavior associated with a problem of this kind once gotten out of hand can easily ruin a person, especially a person who has some stature in our society. Third, that what you read in the papers has little merit given that one is only hearing someone’s interpretation of what occurred many times without any point of the view of the one being spoken of. Fourth, that even when people do what they need to making amends and letting go of the offensive behavior, society finds a way to make that process even more difficult rather than giving credit where it is due. And lastly, if you want to have others stop harassing you, speaking negatively of you, you best take a stand for the truth that is your life without the need to blame anyone else or defend you actions. The only thing one need do is say their truth as they know it to be once the situation is seen for what it is and the actions necessary have been taken.

For anyone who has any sort of addiction issue, hypnosis is a great way to go. Really, it is because it is a matter of learning how to let go of the addiction which is the opposite of what the 12-step programs teach which is that you will always be identified with having this problem merely managing it. I have written many times of the manner in which I work with my clients based on my own belief that it is in the client’s own mind that the changes take place, to no longer have the urges or desire for any behavior that could be considered addictive. One merely needs to make the choice that they would prefer to learn how to not think or act in the manner of an addict, replacing that with thoughts and behaviors that are in line with that person’s values and beliefs, with thoughts and activities that are productive.

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