Dec 08 2012

Is Inner Conflict Stopping You From Doing Something Important In Your Life?

Vol. 59, December 2007

Perhaps you can think of a time in your life when you felt that a part of you felt one way while another part of you felt a different way. Perhaps this inner conflict created difficulty in achieving some goal that you may have wanted to achieve. A simple example of how this can work is in the quitting of smoking. Even though the client wants to stop smoking there is a part of them that is not ready and keeps sabotaging the goal. It is this part that is being run by the unconscious mind.

I had a client who really wanted to become a non-smoker, except there was a part of her that was angry with her siblings. The way that she was able to get back at them was to continue smoking, because all she heard from them was that she should quit the habit. Of course she was not conscious of this when she came in to see me, but through doing some “parts therapy” we were able to easily figure this out. Once she understood that she was only hurting herself by holding the anger against her siblings she was able to release it. Once that was accomplished she was able to bring the two parts together allowing her to go on to successfully complete the smoking cessation program reaching her goal of becoming a non-smoker.

Another example of this is with people who desire to lose weight. There is the part of them that would love to be more physically fit while dropping the extra weight. Unfortunately there is another part that would much prefer to continue eating the junk food. The idea here is that once the client understands what the purpose for the parts are they are able to integrate the two together resolving the inner conflict. It is really a way in which the client comes up with their own solutions using the wisdom inside their own minds. With the client is in charge of the process there is a much better chance for attaining their goal.

If you have an inner conflict I would suggest you find a hypnotist who knows how to do “Parts Therapy” It is a very quick and simple process that lays the foundation of success when an inner conflict of any sort is in the way.

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