Hypnotist overcomes manic depression, bronchial asthma and a brain tumor.

There is a reason that hypnosis is my passion. In fact there are three reasons. The stories go like this:

Story Number 1

Many years ago I was diagnosed with manic depression. I was very lucky in that my case manager had a special interest in manic depressives because as a group they really hate taking their medications. The reason is that even though some of them only experience the feeling of  being “high” fleetingly and relatively infrequently, they live for that time, the time their depressions lifts up into the clouds of exuberance of hypomania or mania.

When I was first diagnosed it was for “depression” for I was indeed very depressed at that time. However, once I was given a anti-depressant I cycled up into a “hypomanic” state. What that means is that though I had a lack of judgment that created some problems for me, I was not psychotic, still grounded in reality. When that happened I was given huge doses of lithium to prevent my becoming “psychotic”. It was a very difficult time because the net effect for me was to take all my life out of me, unable to think, without any energy. It was horrible. After speaking with the latest psychiatrist that I was working with at the time for six months asking her repeatedly to lower the medication, I finally asked the man who was my husband at the time to go into my next appointment and tell her to lower my dosage because  I was indeed useless as he knew. My ex was at the time working a full time job and in school full-time and could use my help in the household if I was only able to help him. With that conversation, miraculously the medication was decreased by 300 mg from 1,500 to 1,200 mg. At the following appointment I told the psychiatrist that my husband thought that I could go down one more 300 mg tablet and it was done, just like that.

The fact that I was never listened to given the fact that I was the one taking this medication and dealing with it’s effects created anger in me toward the methods used to treat people such as my self. You see, I was always able to speak my mind, articulate and precise in my phrasing of the words used to communicate and yet, the licensed professionals gave my concerns absolutely no credence because of the fact that I was “labeled” by them to be a “mentally ill” person.

A few years later I was still taking my lithium yet now at 450 mg 300mg one night and 600mg the following night, alternating them like this because I had been on this rather potentially toxic medication for over a decade which can and does create side effects. In my case my thumb nails started coming in deformed and other finger nails were starting to form these real ugly ridges. My hair was getting thinner as well. I was at my cubical at the customer service job I held at the time when one of my co-workers asked me in her very deep Cambodian accent “Suzanne, what is wrong with your finger nails?” It was a great question, As a result I had a test done that demonstrated that my kidneys were “slowing down”, not good at all. It was at that time that it was decided by my psychiatrist to take me off the lithium putting me on another medication that would not create this problem.

A couple of months later my psychiatrist asked me if I could do it my way would I do it that way or her way? Since there was no “my way” at the time it was an empty question. It so happened a year of so later I went to a very intense training to clear my personal stuff, with my main NLP trainers when I found a “my way”. It was in the 5 minutes to do that process that I was able to go back home and ask my psychiatrist to take me off all the medication which was  March 12 of 2004. Ten months later, on January 5th, 2005 after my now ex- psychiatrist had a chance to make sure that I was fine without the medication, I told her that I was ready to terminate from her practice after 13 years. Being a hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner it only made sense that I rely on my own professional healing modality in order to be congruent with what it was that I was telling my clients I could assist them to achieve in their  own lives. Being dependent on my ex-psychiatrist to “help me” through what I felt was normal life issues was not an option any longer and so I terminated with her. It was a beautiful meeting because she expressed to me that I had accomplished something that she was told was impossible to do given my diagnosis. She let me know that she learned through my example that manic depression or “bipolar illness” as it is currently known is not necessarily a life  sentence for it was obvious in the ten months that I continued to see her, even with some fairly troubling issues coming into my life along the way, that I was behaving in a manner that would be considered  within the realm of “normal” functioning.

And so my dear readers, I absolutely believe in the work that I do because I am a person who did what is thought of as being impossible. I am here to tell you that it isn’t impossible, you just have to know which part of the mind in which to work and what needs to happen in order to clear these issues, because your brain chemistry is determined by your thoughts. If you are able to shift your “state” you can indeed create a natural balance in your brain chemistry no longer needing all those destructive drugs that have side effects and longer term problems associated with them if used for decades at a time without ever dealing with the true cause of the problem.

Understand that you NEED to have your medical professional assist you in tritrating off your medications with you, as I did, to make sure first, that it is indeed safe for you to do so and if so. Second, to make sure that it is done safely, for if you withdraw your medications too quickly all sorts of horrific side effects can occur depending on the medications that you are on from issues of balance to psychotic events. Be smart and find out how to do it in a manner to protect your self. Also, as I did, you will need to continue to see your medical professional for a time to make sure that you are indeed safe off of your medications.

There are some illnesses that I would never have a person terminate their medications for under any circumstances because the condition requires them. You need to talk with your medical provider to figure out if this is the way to go for you.

Story Number 2

The another amazing thing that I experienced was letting go once and for all of bronchial asthma. Most people will tell you that asthma is an allergic reaction and I suppose it is, but that does not mean that allergy medications are necessarily the way to go. I saw my general practitioner two times a year for many years when in fact there was nothing that he could do to clear this rather disgusting illness from my body. He had medications that helped me for a couple of years and than I built a tolerance to it and nothing else worked.

Picture me as a hypnotist, with my speech being the main tool that I use in order to do the work I do assisting others in transforming them selves, hacking and coughing to the point where it could be very scary for my poor clients. I made a decision that while I was at my NLP Master Practitioner training in 2004 that I was going to clear this illness once and for all. We students had to do an eight hour intervention with another student in the class in order to take care of something that was important in our lives while teaching us how to get great results with our clients. One of the questions on the Detailed Personal History that we learned was: “Can you do the problem now?” Well, I did create my problem, not once but twice and it was disgusting and totally worth it for in doing so I knew that I would be able to “de-create” the problem. I am very happy to report all these years later I am still asthmatic free because asthma is not an allergy though it acts as one. It is really caused by negative emotions and in my case limiting beliefs that once cleared there was no asthma present except for if someone triggers me emotionally or if I am very over tired. Other wise all of the many triggers were and are now of no concern for me.

What you need to understand here is that through the techniques that I learned I was able to clear my self of two illnesses, one of mental health and one of physical health in little time with great results. I was also able to lesson a third physical condition with the use of hypnosis. Much better results than that which the respective doctors were able to perform with their medical knowledge and proton radiation.

Story Number 3

Thanksgiving 2008 I am enjoying the holiday at one of my sister’s houses when while we are watching a DVD, all of a sudden I see two of each character on the television. This was rather weird and a bit scary. Luckily someone else drove me the hour and a half trip home the next day for I was seeing two cars in front of us and two cars coming at us in the other lane. I waited a little while to see if the double vision would go away and when it did not I went to see an eye doctor. After ruling out all possible infections and diseases an MRI was done. Nothing showed on the first MRI, however an eye specialist in Boston ordered another MRI with smaller slices. It was on that MRI that a small meningioma (non-cancerous brain tumor) was located. Given the location I was offered three ways to deal with it. One, was to do nothing. Well with double vision occurring that was not an option. Second, was an operation to remove it though where it was located many veins and nerves were entangled in it so that was not a viable option. I also was not going to have anyone cut anything out of my brain unless it was life threatening, which luckily it was not. So, I decided on the third option – proton radiation. I underwent the radiation for six weeks during the summer of 2009 at Massachusetts General Hospital. It was painless enough to under go though it did take quite a bit of time. The only result that the doctor was going for was to have the tumor stop growing explaining that they could not make it go away or even shrink it through this treatment modality.

Being a hypnotist and knowing that others have been able to use hypnotic visualizations to rid themselves of tumors I decided to do this for myself. After a few months of doing this visualization the one year follow-up MRI demonstrated a significant shrinkage of the tumor. By the second year follow up visit, my doctor told me that if the tumor was any smaller it wouldn’t even be there.

Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you that every thing can be dealt with in this manner, however, there are many instances when our negative emotions and limiting beliefs create issues in our lives that can indeed be remediated in ways that one would not believe except for the fact that I manage to assist the greater proportion of my clients to release themselves of diagnosed problems in much less time, without medications by using the part of their mind where all these illnesses are created and can be changed. Now again this is not true of ALL illnesses, however it is true in many more than one would ever think.

In too many cases as a hypnotist I have been the “last hope,” while what I would rather be is my client’s “first hope” for if we are able to clear the problems that they have been battling in much less time, the quality of life for that person and all the people that person interacts with will be so much more positive.

Note: If you call a hypnotist because you have a medical problem do understand that it is to your benefit to make sure that the problem that you have has been treated by them first and that they work in conjunction with your doctor. This is  because a hypnotist does not have the ability to diagnose problems that do require medical care and can assist the hypnotist to make sure that you are getting the best care possible. In many cases doctors will refer out patients who are not doing well because it seems that the problem is not going away and that working in the unconscious mind, the work which the expertise of the hypnotist, makes sense.

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