Aug 07 2014

How To Be IN A World Where People Are Unconscious 95% of the time

A repeated creates a feelingHow To Be IN A World Where People Are Unconscious 95% of the time – Vol. 270, August 7, 2014

Being a hypnotist, I realize that people are normally living their lives out of their unconscious mind. What this means is that people are not critically thinking about their thoughts and their actions 95% of the time. Think about those times when you were operating out of the “automatic” mode. These are all the times that you found yourself reacting to everything that occurs in your life, versus reflective thoughtful actions.

What this means is that people are using their unconscious mind, their unconscious programming which is based on all the programming that was input into one’s brain from the time they were 0-7 years old. It is the non-critical part of the mind that operates on this level, which is important to understand. Because once you do understand this, you can realize that many people have no idea about how they come across to others. They are just doing their recorded program as programmed by their parents when they were younger. You would realize this when you notice similarities between how a child emulates some aspect of their parent.

Now, this is a very important to understand: if someone is unconscious about their behavior, including you, yourself, you cannot be held responsible for it. No shame, blame, guilt or victimhood needs to be attached to it.Why? Because one can’t be responsible for something of which they were unaware.

However, the other side of this coin is that once you are made aware of the negative thoughts or behaviors that you may have been programmed to have, it is up to you to take responsibility and change those thoughts and behaviors. Because it is not reasonable to expect others to put up with our dysfunctional behaviors.

How do you shift these behaviors around once you become conscious of them? You get yourself into a relaxed hypnotic state by taking a couple of deep breaths in and exhaling.

Focus your eyes above eye level till they get tired and start blinking.

Shut your eyes and then imagine a spiral stair case floating in the air. Make it beautiful.

Tell yourself that you are doubling your relaxation with every step you walk down to the bottom of the staircase.

From there you can tell yourself what you would like to be doing instead of the behavior you are doing. There you can direct your thoughts to be placed on gratitude for all you have in your life. There you can ask your self what it is that would work better for you going forward in any given situation.

Then you just wait and listen to what you hear comes up, and that would be a great way for you to continue going forward, without the negative thoughts and behaviors upsetting you or upsetting those with whom you are interacting every day.

It is a simple thing to do, and takes very little time, a few minutes in most cases.

The best time to do it is right before going to sleep at night or right when you awaken in the morning since you are in a hypnotic state at those times anyway.

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