Apr 17 2014

How Spirituality Works In My Healing Work

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How Spirituality Works In My Healing Work -Vol. 253, April 17, 2014


What is the difference between psychosis and a spiritual belief in entities?

In the past few years I have had several clients come to me who have non-conventional spiritual belief systems. I have had a few who see what they call “ghosts” including one who is a ghost buster. I have had a few who have felt entities harming their lives. I have even had some clients who practice indigenous religious practices both here and in Africa who needed a much different orientation to the work that we did together to help them heal.

One of the scary things that these particular clients deal with is the feeling that if they were to speak of these energies or entities to a conventional therapist, that therapist would likely think that they were psychotic and would want to have them committed to a mental ward.

So, what is the difference between psychosis and the spiritual which can include the belief in demons, entities and ghosts? I would have to say that it depends on the ability of the person to function in life. I am always thinking of the biblical stories of Moses speaking to the burning bush, or the many stories of Jesus doing the impossible like walking on water. One person’s unreality becomes another person’s reality. When we think of extra sensory phenomena we need to realize that these abilities have always been with us. It is really a matter of more modern people being told, usually while very young that they need to stop talking about these things because of others not being able to understand or worse judge them as insane.

Luckily I was trained by esoterically inclined hypnotist/NLP practitioners. Over the years I went from thinking they were insane, to welcoming the unseen into my world. I realize that as the Kabbalist state, we only know about 1% of the world if we believe that merely the material is all that exist. However, the 99% of the world is outside the material and in the etherial world. Carl Jung wrote of the “collective unconscious” this being the connection to all that is and all that will be – which is a way of speaking to the spiritual connections we all have in us. It is the same as when Jesus speaks of God as being in you as it was in him, or the statement “as above, as below”, or when we hear that the Buddha is inside you. These are all references to the idea that we have a spiritual connection that once understood by the client, needs to be honored in any healing work that is undertaken with that client.

One of my newest clients spoke to me of these ideas and her fear of being thought to be insane even though she is very well educated professional. She has beliefs that go back to the indigenous people of the islands. She was very happy to find out that not only did I not find her to be insane, I was very interested in getting a better understanding of her beliefs finding them both interesting and worthy of learning. It helped that I had worked with others before her who laid the groundwork for allowing these possibilities of energetic forms to be among us in some fashion. I realized that just because I can’t see, hear or feel these beings doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

So in working with these clients who have a different orientation to my own, I ask them who their spiritual guide is by name and insert that into the work we do together allowing the client to call in that spiritual guide especially when we are doing more emotionally difficult work. It is necessary to work on the level of the super conscious when the unconscious is unwilling to let go of the defense mechanisms that have outlived their purpose, the situations or people involved no longer being a part of the client’s life. Including the spiritual beliefs of the client makes a huge difference to the client receiving quick and effective results while giving me a whole new perspective on what true healing means.

Having worked with psychotic people, there is a vast difference between the way they function in their world and those with spiritual beliefs that allow for demons, ghosts and energetic entities. The psychotic is unable to function in the world on any level. Those with spiritual beliefs use those beliefs to better understand the world and their place in it. It would do our world good to be more open to others perspectives, respecting and learning from them as a way to better understand one another while allowing for a much deeper healing to occur.




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