Mar 12 2015

How To Help Our Kids let Go of Stress & Find Happiness

143/365  Come Sail Away With MeHow To Help Our Kids let Go of Stress & Find Happiness – Vol.301, March 12, 2015

Unfortunately many of our teen and college age kids feel incredible stress in their lives. There is much depression which can lead to suicide, bullying on and off line, fear and anxiety. These negative emotions can also lead to substance abuse and addictions, and eating disorders.

The kid may not be able to articulate what they are feeling, but they can tell you that they feel unsafe, apprehensive, unsure, or afraid. They may only be able to tell you that they don’t feel like they belong anywhere or are unsure of themselves.

The root cause of these negative feelings comes from negative conditioning. When we are very young we create an idea of who we are, what we are capable of and how we interact in the world. These feelings and beliefs may hold a person back in life. These negative feelings and beliefs need to be acknowledged and released.

If your kid is feeling these feelings of sadness, fear or anxiety you need to ask them where in their body they are feeling it, because the body is trying to tell the kid that there is something that needs to be released.

The best way to help these kids release their stress is to create a foundation by first teaching them self-love. From there they can learn self-respect to keep them interacting with positive people while doing positive things with their lives. Self-awareness allows them to better understand how they are interacting in the world around them.

True happiness comes as a result of being able to be authentically you. Being able to respond to what is going on around you instead of reacting and being able to appreciate the blessing in your life.

We need to help our kids love and accept themselves for their innate talents and the caring that they demonstrate for others. We need to help them respect themselves, by role modeling respect for ourselves and respecting them in our interactions with them. Give them choices instead of making demands. Teach them to be mindful of how they speak to others by once again, role modeling how you speak to them. If you want them to get along with others, you need to get along with the people in your life first.

Lastly, let the kid in your life know, that it is normal to not be able to know what they want to do with their life at this early stage. That as they get older they will have a better idea of what is important to them and how they want to move forward. Most of all let them know, that no decision on their future plans is carved in stone. People change jobs and careers more than ever as the technology keeps changing. Some occupations are created while others are destroyed. One has to be fluid in how one goes through life today. And, if they start feeling apprehensive, sad, or fearful, it is time to reflect on what is causing it and making a course change.

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