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How to be happy by facing your inner demons- Vol. 152, June 7, 2012

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Article Written By Donna M. Novi

Trying to take control of your life to feel happy and content is not an easy thing to do sometimes.This could be for a variety of reasons, known and unknown, or as hypnotists say, conscious or unconscious.

A lot of times there are issues that are running in the background of our lives that we are unaware of. These issues can prevent us from feeling happy or fulfilled. Often times we may not even know what they are or even that they exist, just that we are not feeling good about ourselves or our lives. Often times these issues can make us angry, or sad. We don’t know why, or may not even know that we come across to others as just that, angry. We get irritable for no apparent reason and most often we take out our frustrations on the people closest to us such as our spouse or mate.

We try to compensate and to feel good by using external means such as alcohol, or smoking to relieve the stress that we feel and think is causing the pain we feel. Sometimes we don’t even know what it is that we feel that makes us unhappy. We may just know that we are unhappy and we spend so much time searching and looking for reasons and answers that we have no energy to even feel happy. It is a vicious circle. It may end up causing us to turn to alcohol on a more regular basis or even addicting drugs to simply sleep or just to feel calm. What we don’t realize is that when those drugs make us feel calm, or that drink does give us some carefree happy moments – it really isn’t us that is feeling those feelings – it is the effects of the drugs that are causing those feelings for as soon as the alcohol or drug, be it legal or illegal wears off we are left with the same exact problem of not feeling content in our lives running forever in the background. Until we deal with that background issue causing the pain and our problems, we will never feel better or have the relief we seek. We will never experience true happiness.

There are many things that can cause a person to feel unhappy in their lives. Most often though with the right help these can be discovered and overcome.

Ever watch a new born baby laugh and smile. They never seem to be angry or sad unless they have a reason for it such they are hungry or need a diaper change. There is always a reason for their discomfort. As they grow older, issues and life happens and they begin to experience events that form their lives. For example if they are raised by angry parents they will learn anger and feel anger as their minds grow and mature. To them this feeling is normal and this is how they may look at the world. If they are raised by loving parents they will feel love as a natural emotion and it will not feel foreign to them as they grow older.

Many of the issues that people battle on a daily basis such as eating disorders or drug addiction begin in the mind and need not be thought of today as incurable with the proper treatment. There are causes for all behaviors that can be dealt with when they can be discovered. Many of these causes are in the unconscious mind forever running and stuck in the background.

There are so many causes for depression as I noted in an earlier newsletter (Are You Truly Depressed? Maybe it is Something Else Entirely -Vol. 88, May, 2010).There are just as many reasons for other issues as well, such as sex addiction, eating disorders or just feeling angry for no apparent reason. For every unpleasant feeling there usually is a drug to help us overcome that unpleasant and unwanted feeling. Prozac for depression, Valium for anger and to make a person feel calm. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to take drugs to alter my state of mind to feel good.

I want to treat the source of my discomfort and eradicate the problem for good so I have no need to take any drugs and medications.

The older we grow, the more these problems that are causing us discomfort grow and before we know it a simple issue that is running in the background of our lives is actually taking over our lives and causing serious problems left untreated. It is like a small tumor that just gets bigger and bigger. Don’t let something that occurred when you were 2 years of age for example define who you are today. Don’t let demons that you may not even be aware of run your life and make you feel unhappy.
There is always a reason, for everything. There is always a cause and the effect it creates. Make those effects good and happy ones. If you feel unhappy get to the root of it, get to the source of that unhappy feeling.  Don’t just medicate and cover it up. It will not go away on its own unless it is confronted and dealt with, and only gets bigger and uglier causing more and more problems with age.

On a personal note for most of my adult life I was unhappy and depressed and didn’t know why. For years I took antidepressants with no real relief. I went from therapist to therapist talking and trying to figure it out only to be told it was just me – a biochemical imbalance and I would always feel depressed. This biochemical theory is just a myth and has not been proven. Dr. Irving Kirsh of Harvard has proved this to be so after over 30 years of studying the placebo effect of antidepressants.

I finally discovered hypnotism and within a relatively short period of time compared to a lifetime conventional therapy I discovered an incident that took place as a teenager which was so traumatic for me causing me to have survivors guilt for decades without even realizing it. This incident that happened as a teenager simply stayed with me in the background of my mind running me and causing me pain and discomfort surfacing as depression. Never really knowing or understanding why I was depressed. Finally decades later having made this discovery thru hypnotism I was able to once and for all let it go, put it at peace and move on with my life un-depressed with absolutely no need for medication, drugs or alcohol or any therapy – all of which were tried previously unsuccessfully. No amount of therapy would have been able to help me because these feelings stemming from this decades old incident was in my unconscious mind and I was not even aware it was causing the problems.

You too can successfully get rid of any unwanted background noises and issues that may be the cause your unwanted problems.  Don’t believe that you can not overcome what ever it is that is making you feel unhappy or preventing you from achieving your goals.  Live the life you desire today.

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Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul

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