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How Does Someone Become a Healthy 83 or 93 Year Old?

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So How Does Someone Become a Healthy 83 or 93 Year Old? – Vol. 233, Jan. 9, 2013


Anyone who personally knows me, knows that one of the places that I love to hang out is the whirlpool, any whirlpool that is hot enough with lovely massaging bubbles to be enjoyed. I especially love being in whirlpools where interesting people can be found to learn about their lives.


So, I was in the whirlpool of my health club when an older man got into the whirlpool and said “hi” to me. He looked healthy though a bit thin. His mind was as sharp as could be, so I asked him his secret to being so healthy. This is what he said:




  1. “Exercise every day. I exercise for at least a half hour a day here at the health club making sure to get in my cardio on the treadmill. Then I come to relax in the whirlpool. Sometimes I swim, but I always make time in the morning to come over here. I like being able to have a body that is able to do the things that I want it to do.”
  2. “I meditate every day for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and then in the evening. It helps me to stay centered and living with a sense of calm.”
  3. “You, know attitude has a lot to do with it. I have a brother who is alway so negative and he isn’t doing so well. Me, I appreciate everything I have and can do and find that makes all the difference, the attitude.”




A few months ago, I met a very elegant woman in the whirlpool. She was already sitting there enjoying the bubbles when I arrived. I noted that she looked to be at least in her 80’s given the shear skin of her face. When I asked her, her age, she said she was 93 years old. I complimented her on her bright cheery attitude because she was sitting there smiling and enjoying herself. I asked her what she did to stay healthy and happy and she told me:




  1. “I get my exercise in at least 5 times a week.”
  2. “I was a musician my entire life, play the piano and viola and as long as I can do that I am happy.”
  3. “ I have a loving and supportive family. My daughter helps me come over here to get my exercise in and sometimes surprises me with a nice snack when she picks me up.”


I didn’t know this till her daughter came to get her a bit later because of the bubbles in the whirlpool. This women’s left leg was amputated right above the knee. One would never know that there was a thing wrong with her with her fabulous attitude and love of life.


So, we young ones have much to learn from the older set. Stop your complaining, do those things that we all know will help our bodies to do the best they can do for us. Notice neither of them said a thing about the food they ate which was interesting. Allow yourself to be in a peaceful state of mind surrounded by those who love you. Because when we do these things, well we find we have a much better attitude about life.


Now, for the record, I could eat better than I do having a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoying chocolate and baked goods. However, I do make sure that I eat many veggies – when cooked correctly they are very tasty and crunchy. I love my salads as well which are always made with fruits and oil and balsamic vinegar (or lemon) with nuts and all sorts of interesting things to enjoy in them – they are a whole meal in themselves. And again for anyone who knows me, a very large water bottle is always in my hand. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated and in a positive mood.


I don’t particularly like working out finding it boring, though I do many stretching and strength exercises in the whirlpool with the water weights at the health club. If I can force myself I will do some floor exercises and push some weights on the machines. i Being self-employed, spending multitudes of hours alone at home at work, getting to the whirlpool meeting cool people is a highlight of my day. I never know what I may learn there. Just a few weeks ago I met a gentleman in the whirlpool who is known as the Sax Doc, since he cleans and fixes all sorts of horns for all the major orchestras here in metro-Boston as well as the likes of stars such as Ray Charles. He’s been working at the same music store doing this work for the past 40 years – he had some interesting stories to share about he musical stars he’s worked with over his career.


Given the above learnings from those with quite a bit more wisdom than I, being a mere “youth’ in their eyes, go ahead and take the advise given. It worked for them and can work for you. There was nothing that was difficult and nothing that was dogmatic in the advice given – all of it is easy to integrate into your life. The end result: a long happy, healthy, fulfilled life. What could be better than that?




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