Feb 13 2014

How To Deal With The Stress Of Dealing With Loss of Jobs Due to the Turn Down In the Economy

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How To Deal With The Stress Of Dealing With Loss of Jobs Due to the Turn Down In the Economy – Vol. 238, Feb. 13, 2014


Given the economic turndown, many people are under much stress being given more work to do than can be done in a day. Worse is living with the constant fear of being laid off. As a result of that stress many are becoming ill, mentally and/or physically ill. Previous weblogs on this website spoke to how best to deal with that situation. Today I would like to explore how we can better cope with the stress coming from the loss of jobs.


How does a spouse deal with the fact that even if one does a real good job, given a certain age, or a certain amount time on the job, a partner can be laid off from their job?


As I mentioned in the previous weblog, I had broken my ankle which had me in the hospital for two nights. While I was there I had a little conversation with the radiologist technician about her situation as she x-rayed my ankle. She told me that after being in her job for 30 years, she was laid off, right out of the blue. She feels it was age discrimination. She found herself some per diem work at three different hospitals which brought in less income than she was used to with added travel to each site. Previously she had a two minute trip to her job. Shortly after she was laid off, her husband who is in his 60’s was laid off of a well paying IT job. From her perspective he had it harder in finding a new job because of his advanced age. For two years she was unemployed till she got the job at the hospital where I was taken to be treated. They have a teen-age son who needs to eat and be taken care of making things a bit tighter financially.


How did she survive this downturn in their lives?


When her husband told her of his layoff, she burst out laughing because there was nothing else to do. The reality was what it was and to be upset and gloomy over it was not going to help anything, she explained to me.


She realized that even though she didn’t have the job that she wanted, at least some money was coming in over the time that she was working at the three different facilities. It was a way to keep food in her teen-agers mouth and take care of the most important bills. For her this was a God send, even though they were not able to keep up with every bill.


She was also glad to be doing work that she liked with all the interactions with the patients. It kept her busy and gave her time away from her own worries.


Lastly, she had faith that she would get a new job and all would be okay. She does have a very good job at the hospital I found her working at due to her persistence.


It was the faith and determination that got her through that tough time. Things are back on an even keel in her world again, her husband having found some work as well. One does need to go out there and do the work to get the demonstrated result, which is in everyone’s control to make happen. It is all about having an attitude of gratitude coupled with the willingness to make life work regardless of the outside conditions. We all have the capacity to do as this woman did. By doing so, we will be in a much better position to more fully participate in the opportunities that life has in store while being a lot more fun to be around even during the more challenging times of our lives.




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