Oct 15 2015

Great Use of Video Game: Teaching Kids the Dangers Of Heroin

Xbox ControllerGreat Use of Video Game: Teaching Kids the Dangers Of Heroin – Vol. 330, October 15, 2015 – 

Every once in a while there comes an idea that makes one rethink one’s idea of certain past times, such as is the case with me disliking almost most things about video games.

You see, I find them to be a way to be hypnotized into wasting a ton of time doing something that has little to no use for the player. Yes, there are some games that teach, however, I would prefer to see our kids interacting in real life with real people face-to-face learning true social skills.

Yahoo News Digest came out with a short article September 3, 2015, Combating Stereotypes: Video Game Shows Teens Heroins Deadly Effects, explains how computer programmer and past heroin user, Patrick Patrianakos was enlisted to help the Robert Crown Center for Health Education in Chicago to develop an interactive video game that would show the teenagers progression from prescription drug use to heroin overdose.

More than 7,000 students were used to try out the video game with 97% of them stating that they had learned the physiological effects on the body and brain. This is a very good thing because 169,000 Americans 12 and over tried heroin for the first time in 2013.

The stigma around talking about heroin in the open means that few are knowledgable about the horrible effects of heroin. Given that the candidates for elective office such as Hillary Clinton are finally coming to realize that addicts need treatment, not jail sentences. Apparently Clinton has had many talks with the electorate telling her that this situation with opioid abuse has to stop.

Given that teens feel that they are immortal, their pre-frontal cortex of their brain not fully developed, the idea of using a favorite past time of the theirs to help them better understand the ramifications of drug use and abuse is a great way to deliver the message.

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