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Forgiveness, Don’t Leave Home Without It

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Vol. 83 December 2009- Forgiveness, Don’t Leave Home Without It

For most of us, health will not depend on who we are, but on how we live.  The body you have at 20 depends on your genes, but the body you have at 40, 60 or 80 is the body  you deserve; that reflects your behavior. (Readers Digest, 1996)

Fact is even though our body is constantly evolving our body’s cells remember everything.  Any illness we get unless we are born with it, is a result of our feelings. Louise L Hay, Catherine Ponder and Caroline Myss amongst others have written books on this.

Deepak Chopra tells us that there is a hidden intelligence that is at work in our bodies that scientists have not been able to tap into yet, but they are finding more  proof this is true.  He states that if that intelligence can cause our bodies to become diseased, then that intelligence can also reverse that.

Our emotions and they way we deal with situations in our lives have a direct consequence on our bodies.I have experienced this myself over and over again.  Perhaps you yourself are able to see some situation where you can relate the negative (or positive) way you were feeling with an ache or pain (or feeling of elation).Have you ever been so angry you have given yourself a headache?  You get so worked up that you can actually feel your blood pressure rising.

Have you ever been so happy that you felt like it was on cloud nine?

There is a direct connection between how the body feels and your mind. Your brain communicates with your immune system constantly.

Paul Ekman, Professor Emeritus at the University of California at San Francisco did research on the bodies immune system and the effect one has on it by either smiling or frowning.  He found that when a person smiles, you alter your blood chemistry and actually produce chemicals that are natural opiates not only in your brain, but in the cells in your stomach and intestines.  Ever know someone who is always smiling, and you wonder if they are just on drugs, for how can anyone be that happy all the time.  Well the more they smile, the more “drugs” they are on really-natural drugs.

When we feel negative emotions about someone or something, we put our whole body at risk.  When we hang on to negativity and are not able to forgive and move on, we are setting ourselves up for “problems”.

Bernie Seigel has actually proven that when a person forgives, an actual chemical change takes place in the body which in turn produces the correct anti-body to enable the healing to occur.

When you are able to forgive you are able to set yourself and your body free, free from the negativity that causes illness, disease, aches and pains.  When we feel negativity about someone or something we put not only our mind but our entire body at risk.

I have an 89 year old client that when she gets upset with her daughter, her body literally develops Parkinson-like tremors. Her hands shake so much you can visibly see it and her body is so shaky that she has a hard time just walking.  When she is on good terms with her daughter she is literally a different being.  She is very stable and has no visible tremors.

So I repeatedly ask her why she does this to herself, why does she let her daughter upset her to the point it affects her body the way it does. At age 89 she knows no other way to react she tells me. I try to tell her to think of it as her daughter doesn’t mean the things she says and she needs to realize this and just forgive her because it is her daughters way of dealing with her aging and ailing mother.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to forgive someone who has wronged you however you need to do this for yourself and not for the other person, and if you think of it that way it becomes easier.

Forgiveness is needed in our lives for us to be able to move forward. If we are unable to forgive we build up anger and resentments, and this in turns harms not only our emotional state of health, but our physical health as well. Sometimes we need to forgive even if we feel we did no wrong and that is the hardest. But until we do, we get stuck in a vortex that traps us and constantly eats away literally like a flesh eating virus at our minds and bodies until disease sets in.

To forgive someone for wronging us whatever the reason is the key to happiness with in ourselves. Sometimes I think if we swallow our pride and forgive, the other person will think twice and learn from the experience, or maybe not, however just knowing we are freed from the situation because the act of forgiveness allows us to be released emotionally.  By not forgiving, we are still hanging onto the person or situations and that causes us problems whether it be today, tomorrow or  twenty years form now.  It will come back in one way or another to harm us.

Sometimes we don’t even realize we need to forgive someone in our lives.  That is where Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy (R) can help.   There may be things, times or people that have wronged us in the past that we are unaware of on a conscious level that we feel anger towards, and we don’t even realize it.  We just go through our lives and feel angry and don’t even realize why.

If you feel angry, or hateful or just unhappy in your life, and you don’t know why or where it is coming from on a conscious level, hypnosis can help you tap into your unconscious mind to figure out where those very harmful and potentially deadly feelings are coming from, and allow you to release them, forgive and move on with a contentment and happiness to enjoy your life as it was meant to be lived.

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