Sep 23 2013

Feeling Anxious? Hypnosis Can Rid You of It Fairly Quickly

Vol. 70, November 2008- Feeling Anxious? Hypnosis Can Rid You of It Fairly Quickly

These days seem to bring more anxiety than we have felt in a long time given the state of the economy, the derelict things we have found our representatives here in the states have done with the power they were granted and the political scene as discussed in the news.

It is interesting to me though, that none of these items are contributing to why people will call for help. It is usually the more mundane human situations that create the most angst. Sexually inappropriate behavior is one area that creates much worry as well as anger. It can happen on either side of the marriage. Recently I had a fairly happily married woman in here that cheated on her husband many years ago. She never shared this information with him, never wanting to hurt him. The secret seemed to be a contributing factor to creating panic attacks in her since once the event was cleared they disappeared.

I have many men call because they are cheating on their wives or girlfriends who feel guilty and anxious about this behavior. Some of them realize that the behavior could destroy the life they so carefully crafted if caught.

I have clients who worry about their health usually with histories of chronic or acute issues. And I have clients who have kids who they have no idea on how to deal with. I have grown children who do not know how to deal with their controlling parents.

It seems that the over arching concerns of my clients anyway, are still concentrated on the areas that have always been problematic. It is great to know that hypnosis can make the worries go away and free the time and energy that was wasted to be better utilized in more productive ways leading to a happier more fulfilled life. It is really just a matter of desiring to deal with those areas in life that feel most uncomfortable and then doing whatever it takes to put it all in the past. Once that is accomplished you are able to learn better methods to create the life you desire and deserve.

If you are in a situation that is creating unnecessary worry and you are ready to let it go, do call a hypnotist in your area so you too can enjoy life again. It would be a great holiday gift to give to both you and those who love you.

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