Oct 28 2013

Dealing with Depression

Vol. 61, February 2008

There are different types of depression and it is important to understand the differences. If you have just suffered a loss of some sort such as a death in the family, a divorce, or a job loss there will be an expectation that for a period of time you will lose interest in the things that you once enjoyed, feel a lack of energy and perhaps eat more of less than you used to. These are normal so long as you are able to do the things that need to be done in your life. With a death in the family or a close friend you may be feeling the loss for up to two years. You may never get to the point where you are not feeling the loss, but the brightness in your world will come back and new relationships will develop in most cases.

A divorce can create all sorts of negative feelings and depending on the complexity and the amount of animosity involved, the feelings can stay with you for a very long time, sometimes a year for each five that you were married.

With the loss of a job, depending on how it was lost and how much it meant to you it could create a real issue of loss of self-esteem. This makes it very difficult to go out in the world and find another one. If the job was lost in a manner that you felt was unfair it could create deeper feelings of anger to come up also getting the way of finding new prospects.

In many cases people can and do move on, but what do you do if you really feel stuck in your world and all feels totally empty for a period of time that passes a couple of years? I would suggest that you go and find a person to talk to in order to be able to put things into perspective. Sometimes all that is needed is to have your feelings validated making it easier to move on. Sometimes however it takes a bit more than this because the pain is so deep and the longer the negative feelings are left to get deeper, the constructive activity becomes more and more difficult. In these cases I suggest that you find a hypnotist to help you to unblock these negative emotions and limiting beliefs so that you can more easily move on in your life. It is also possible to forgive the people that you felt hurt you more easily in the context of a trance state, because ultimately holding anger in particular can cause all sorts of problems both in terms of mental health and physical health. It creates too much stress on your system.

Please go out there and get yourself the assistance that you need, because there is no reason for you to stay in your emotionally depressed state. You can indeed get help to allow your self the ability to let go of the negative feelings allowing you to feel brighter and lighter allowing you to move on in your life.

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