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Closed Head Injury: Why Doctors may have missed Junior Seau’s Head Trauma Symptoms – Vol.147, May, 4, 2012

New England Patriots linebacker Junior Seau du... New England Patriots linebacker Junior Seau during a game against the Oakland Raiders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Donna Novi

Ever wonder why there seems to be more killings and just plain unhappy crazy people “out there” in the world these days.  It’s hard not to hear, see or read about people shooting one another or harming one another since there are TV’s every where these days: work cafeterias, laundromats, doctors offices,  even cars, just about anywhere one turns.

This week coming up has to be one of the longest of my life; I am awaiting blood tests that hopefully will explain why I am feeling so downright miserable, with a lack of energy, feeling achy, and just plain sick like from the moment I awaken to the time I go to bed. I have been feeling this way for quite some time now, years actually.  I have been complaining to my primary care physician who has done numerous blood tests, only to come back completely normal, time after time, year after year.

What I have discovered after living and dealing with the American Medical System for many years now is that they do not in most cases do the right tests. By the right tests I mean they do not go deep enough. The doctors seem to be in a “box” and limited in what they do. This is also true for the psychiatric community.

So if I am not getting the results I desire I need to find another way that will work, or else live being one of the miserable crazy people in the world today. The reason I know this to be true at least for myself is that I had spent literally years in “treatment” with social workers, psychiatrists and the like only to get deeper into my problems.

It was not until I was at my ropes end, no pun intended, that I decided there had to be a better way.  I googled and found “hypnosis”. Within a relatively short period of time, I was not only better, I was relieved of “illnesses” that I was told were incurable.

I no longer had to live with the problems that I was told I would always have.  Because hypnosis goes deeper than just the surface I had been skimming over and over and over, week after week, year after year. Just like the recent blood tests I just paid for to be done by my functional medicine doctor. He is a different type of doctor, one my insurance would not “cover” in that they would not pay for his services. These blood tests are more detailed to get to the root of my problem. Now I am getting results.

In reading and looking into my “issues” I discovered much information that I was not aware of that explains a lot to me. One thing I discovered was that there is an ingredient in gluten that causes addiction for some people to wheat products similar to opiate addiction.

I always thought it was me and just my lack of will power ending up in my getting so down on myself for eating that piece of bread knowing it would make me feel ill. The gluteomorphin that is found in wheat products like the breads and pastries that most of us crave is acting just like highly addicting opiate drugs in my brain. I was relieved to know that it just wasn’t me and most importantly that I can do something about it now.

I also was relieved to know that I could alter this behavior if I chose to do so, by using the hypnosis I had already successfully used to rid myself of the previous behaviors I no longer wanted.

So as I eagerly await the blood tests that will help me know what to eat and what not to eat, that will help my body heal, and make me feel well again, I think of Junior Seau who just committed suicide yesterday. My feelings on this is that all the hits he took to his head could have contributed to his death. It is sad that we as a people do this to ourselves.

Our brains and our mind control our bodies and our emotions.  Dr. Amen through his brain scan research on football players has proven that our brains are not meant to be banged around the way they do in football, soccer and other sports where one routinely gets hit in one’s head. I just find it sad .

Ever wonder why there are seems to be so many more crazy people in the world lately?

No one seems to be getting to the root of the problems. The NFL treats their players with concussions with a few games on the sidelines and then sends them right back out there only to be hit again. The players are unaware that they are killing themselves. The American Medical Society and its doctors send patients on their way with a prescription treating the symptoms and most often not the illness.

Psychiatrists never really heal you, only keep you coming back for more.

No one ever seems to get to the root of the problem, because it is deeper than the surface.

The mind and the brain are mysterious yet, we do know that the answers lie in our unconscious minds. The answers are not with a prescription, or numerous talk sessions. We have the ability to heal ourselves with the right guidance. The right hypnotist can do wonders for one’s life.  What we feed into our bodies in the way of food and thoughts is most important to what we get out of our bodies.  Feed it crap and we will feel like crap.

I have to stay away from gluten and sweets if I want to heal and feel good and tried so hard only to cheat now and again not knowing it was my brain wired to the gluteomorphin acting like heroin causing me to cheat over and over again.

I turned once again to hypnosis to get rid of the behavior. Sometimes we need a little help to do the things we want to do. Always there is an answer to our behaviors, there can be a solution if we look hard for it, are willing to work and pay for it. Most things that are worth it in life are worth paying and working for, especially ones dealing with our health and well being.

There is a reason why there are so many unhappy crazy people in the world today.  If we guide them to hypnosis to change their way of viewing the world, helping them to solve their issues perhaps Junior Seau would still be with us today.

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