Nov 18 2013

Claustrophobia: Does It Hinder Your Life?

Vol. 58, November 2007

There are a lot of people who are afraid of being in closed spaces like elevators, or MRI machines which may be required for medical reasons. Fear of flying can happen usually as a result of being enclosed in a space that you can not get out of until it is safe, or because the passenger is not in control of the situation. And then there are people who do not enjoy going to places like the theatre or seminars because there are too many people all leaving at the same time creating feelings of claustrophobia.

Interestingly enough in most cases of claustrophobia it is really a matter of lack of being in control of the situation that creates the feelings of panic or discomfort. As a result the sufferer finds their world shrinking as they cut out these situations that bring up these uncomfortable feelings.

Recently I had a client come in who explained that her life had been restricted for too many years because she could not deal with enclosed places. She had not taken a flight in a couple of years for fear of being stuck on the tarmac in the plane. Her doctor has wanted her to get an MRI. She had set up a time to do the test, but found that she could not handle being stuck in that contraption as it does it job. The feeling of panic flooded her system as her head went into the machine. She had to stop the test. There were other situations that created a feeling of angst that made simple experiences full of discomfort.

After speaking to her for awhile it became clear that there was an incident that occurred while she was in her early twenties fifty years ago. When she was getting ready to give birth to her first child, the nurse would not listen to her and forced her to stay lying down. This was a very uncomfortable position in her condition. The nurse had created a situation where my client felt totally out of control. As she went through her life other situations came along where she felt out of control putting her into a panicked state where she would either no longer take part in the activities involved or find some way to minimize the negative feelings that welled up inside her.

Using hypnosis it is easy to get to the first event where the claustrophobia is created and any other incidents along the way that have taken away the aAbility to do normal things. Using NLP we can desensitize them so they no longer need to keep you away from living your life to the fullest. Sometimes it is important to do some forgiveness work as was necessary with my client who needed to forgive the nurse for treating her in such a demeaning fashion. In one session of a couple of hours she regained the ability to have a normal life.

If you are dealing with claustrophobia it would be in your own best interest to find a competent hypnotist to help you to let it go, allowing you to once again live a fulfilling life.

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