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"Claim Your Excellent Life" is a podcast available on both ITunes and Stitcher Radio which focuses on teaching professional women how to achieve happiness while contending with overworked, frustrating lives. Hosted by Master Hypnotist, Suzanne Kellner-Zinck on a weekly bases, the show explains what self esteem is and how to have it, how to relax and most importantly, how to have GREAT relationships. Download them from ITunes or Stitcher Radio Now.

Jul 18 2016

155:Love Yourself By Seeing Yourself for Real

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Is the you that the world sees really the real you? Are you afraid to to reveal your true self to the world? Find out how to release your authentic self with Master Hypnotist Suzanne Kellner-Zinck.  

Jul 11 2016

154:What Makes For An Excellent Life

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In the spirit of the name of this podcast, listen to master hypnotist Suzanne Kellner-Zinck talk about what actually makes an excellent life.  

Jul 04 2016

153:10 Ways Nature Heals Your Mind

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Learn 10 ways that nature does a body good  

Jun 27 2016

152:Being Real, Being Vulnerable

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Being real, authentic and vulnerable can be the scariest thing we ever do, however, when you do it with the right people, you can create wonderful relationships. Take the first step.  

Jun 20 2016

151:What Are You Doing With Your Time

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Are you present and in the moment with the people you spend time with? What does you behavior and how you prioritize time say about you?

Jun 13 2016

150:Who Are You Living With

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Your living environment has a huge effect on the quality of your life, Whether you are living with your spouse, adult children or unrelated roommates. Learn some tips from Master Hypnotist Suzanne Kellner-Zinck how to deal with problems in your living space.

Jun 06 2016

149:Beware of Things That Sound Too Good to Be True

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Here is a cautionary tale about almost failing for something that sounds too good to be true. We all want to believe it when some presents an option that seems extraordinary, however, any true offer should be able to past some simple reality checks.