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"Claim Your Excellent Life" is a podcast available on both ITunes and Stitcher Radio which focuses on teaching professional women how to achieve happiness while contending with overworked, frustrating lives. Hosted by Master Hypnotist, Suzanne Kellner-Zinck on a weekly bases, the show explains what self esteem is and how to have it, how to relax and most importantly, how to have GREAT relationships. Download them from ITunes or Stitcher Radio Now.

Apr 11 2016

141:What Do You Really Need to Know About Our Mental Health and Physical Health Care System

Today, we present the first of two interviews with Joel Schwartz from Poach Consulting and Associates. Joel is an all-but-exams clinical psychologist (psychological assistant needing to take the licensing exam) specializing in adults with childhood trauma and children with special needs. Joel talks about the issues with evidence based medicine when it’s applied to psychological treatment and …

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Apr 04 2016

140:Being a Youth Means Messing Up

Today, Suzanne interviews a 19 year old who has something she would like to say to the parents of the world. If you are open minded enough to hear it, then you are invited to listen. (Warning: This show contains some explicit language)

Mar 28 2016

139:How Is Your Health Doing

Here are some health tips from Master Hypnotist Suzanne Kellner-Zinck.

Mar 21 2016

138:Accountabilty – How Are You Doing In This Area of Your Life

Accountability is the ability to do what you say you are going to do, when you said you were going to do it. Do you do this as a regular part of your life? What are the consequences if you don’t.  

Mar 14 2016

137:Shedding Your Self-Imposture – From Nightingale Conant 2% Program

Some advice from the Nightingale Conant 2% Program  

Mar 07 2016

136:How To Create A Happy Life – Learnings From Mitch Album

Here is some advice on how to live a happy, furfilled life

Feb 29 2016

135:The Difference Between Infactuation and True Love

Love is grand. So is infatuation. When you are head over heels, how do recognize when they really are the right one?

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