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Sep 16 2012

Hypnosis Can Clear Traumas

Trauma comes in all forms, mental and physical. Hypnosis can help, but you need to find the correct hypnotist with the proper experience

Sep 04 2012

Who Do You Go To, To Get Your Problem Resolved? – Vol. 142, March 15, 2012

These days there are many titles that helping professionals have: therapist and hypnotist and NLP practitioners, coaches, trainers, teachers and mentors, job coaches and business coaches and life coaches. How do you know who to go to to get you issue resolved? Well, I have to tell you that if I weren’t in the business …

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Aug 03 2012

Holiday Blahs – Vol. 95, December 2010

The holidays are upon us. Here are some simple ways in which to take some pressure off and perhaps allow you to feel less alone and depressed if you are feeling this way.

Jul 27 2012

Meaningfully Releasing Grief in a Healthy and and Quick Manner

Grieving is a natural process that we need to undergo. Through the use of hypnosis it is very easy to grieve the losses, get in touch with the special feelings attached to the one you lost allowing you to move on with your life in a much better frame of mind.

Jul 12 2012

“Wake Up Doc”: I Think I Will Label Myself Happy Today – Vol. 157, July 14 , 2012

Article written by Donna M. Novi I had the misfortune of having to go to the emergency room for treatment over the Christmas Holiday. I had been to my primary care doctor about 2 months prior for another condition and due to the wonderful world of computers the ER doctors were able to look up …

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Jun 22 2012

Let’s Stop Labeling People

Labeling people with psychiatric illnesses can create not only the lack of a sense of self, worse, it never allows one to move past the notion of having a mental illness. I have found in my work that many people who were labeled with mental illnesses that the psychiatric community felt were to be managed, never to be healed have been able to heal themselves of these problems. This article speaks to how this was done in the case of an anorexic.