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Dec 30 2013

Hypnosis Proven to be an Altered State Through Research – Vol. 129, Dec. 8, 2011

As you probably realize there has always been a question about the existence of what is known as the hypnotic state. The instructors of hypnosis teach their students that the brain waves as shown on an EEG machine in the alpha and delta state proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the hypnotic state exist. This …

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Oct 07 2013

Pop a Pill or The Alternative Medicine: Hypnosis

Today there is a constant popping of pills to take away all of the symptoms that we are feeling in our bodies. Wouldn’t it be better if we were to find out what our body is trying to tell us by going to the cause instead of using medication with all the side effects?

Sep 26 2013

The Myths About Hypnotism Debunked By True Neuroscientist At Long Last!

  The Myths About Hypnotism Debunked By True Neuroscientist At Long Last! – Vol. 218, September 26, 2013 –   One of the most frustrating things about being a hypnotist, is the fact that many people fear it lacking any real understanding of what it actually is -( a naturally occurring state) that is true …

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Sep 23 2013

Feeling Anxious? Hypnosis Can Rid You of It Fairly Quickly

There are many reasons why a person may feel anxious. Everything from sexual infidelity to controlling parents. Hypnosis can clear you of your anxiety no matter the reason fairly quickly. In this way you can create the life that you desire and deserve.

Jun 28 2013

Need Motivation in Pursuit of a Higher Certification?

Hypnosis can easily help a person over come test anxiety. Here is the story of how one of my clients did just that.

Feb 09 2013

Healing starts in your mind

It is interesting to note that 70% of the time placebo effect was effective in treating Herpes, stomach ulcers and angina pectoris while reducing cancerous tumors and regenerating the immune system. In fact placebo effect accounts for everything that we do not know about the healing of shamans, hypnotists and other healers. This is based on how the brain’s neuron influence behavior.

Feb 02 2013

The Difference Between a Hypnotic Intervention and Mentorship?

  Vol. 186, Feb 2, 2013 Over the past few years I have had some clients who started out as clients coming in to clear some issues go through the healing process, what I call a hypnotic clearing move into a mentorship program with me. There is a vast difference between these two services each …

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