Aug 22 2013

Are You Doing The Things That You Say Are most Important to You: 7 Steps to Recreating Your Life

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Are You Doing The Things That You Say Are most Important to You: 7 Steps to Recreating Your Life – Vol. 212, August 22, 2013

When we are children we were curious. We were allowed to go out and investigate those things that we were interested in. In so doing we found much fun and fulfillment. Then we grew up and found we have jobs and families which take up most if not all of our time and energy. It is a subtle change that happens over time. We start feeling more and more depleted. Maybe boredom or even depressed feelings come about because we know that we aren’t spending our time doing those things we once found so fun and interesting. Those things that are so important to our feeling alive.

Maybe you are a person who always had a dream. Maybe to begin a business, or maybe to travel abroad bringing your talents to others. But maybe it is the programming that you received when you were younger that it was foolish to study something that wasn’t sure to make you a decent living.

No matter the particular situation the end result is the same. Somehow you never get around to doing the stuff that you say you most care about. Perhaps you don’t even feel you are in your own life anymore.

The question I have for you is this: What is keeping you from doing those things that you say are most important to you? Because I can tell you that it is easy to find ways to sabotage one’s dreams, blaming the responsibilities that you have getting in the way. Even easier is blaming others from keeping you from your heart’s desires.

So my question to you is this:  When are you going to take back your life and do those things that make you happy and fulfilled? Because the truth be known there is ALWAYS a way to make your dreams come true so long as you are willing to put the time and effort into making them happen.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t your circumstances that are holding you back. It is your own mindset being stuck on what you feel you are “supposed” to do, keeping you in some sort of prison of the mind, instead of allowing your imagination to soar as you create the sort of life that truly is aligned with who you are. The reason that this is so important, to find the time you need to do what you love, is because there are enough unhappy unfulfilled people in this country. Look around you and you will see it is true, especially on public transportation – people shut out the environment in one way or another many times looking tired and drained of their energy.

Here are a 7 steps to help you regain your life and thus your happiness:

1) Make a decision that your happiness is worth making some much needed changes, operative word here is “decision.”

2) Listen to your heart – which has more energy in it then your brain. This is where the most authentic understanding of who you are is located. Get out of your mind and into your heart.

3) Write down all those ideas of things that are most important to you.

4) Put them in order of what is most important.

5) Start journaling ideas of what you can do to turn things around so you can start doing these things that are most important to you- maybe people that you can consult with who can give you ideas on how to do what you desire.  Maybe other people who can help you with the care of your kids if you have any. Maybe people that may have the resources and interest to help you get started. Just journal and see what your unconscious mind brings up. The less thinking and more writing you do the better will be your results.

6) Before going to sleep at night ask your unconscious mind to give you more ideas on how you can make your dreams reality. It will help you if it is asked.

7) Continue to focus on your dream and you will find that the way will be found. Usually in ways you never could have imagined.

I have used this method to help me make my most important dreams come true. I have used this method to help me find my true passion in life in my profession. As great as that is, even better I have fulfilled my dream of crossing the globe to bring this work to 3rd world countries. To people who would never think of using these methods, yet hypnotism is very much a part of their cultural ways though they wouldn’t know it as such. Drumming and dancing into an altered state, story telling and music with a steady beat are all a part of hypnotism. I am just home from my second such journey as I held these opportunities out there to be had. I didn’t have to do anything but be giving with my talents and the opportunities showed up. Why? Because I was open to them and wouldn’t allow anything to get in the way.

Your homework: go through the steps above and go find the glorious life that is waiting for you and allow it to unfold. Life is so much better on this end of things regardless of any other circumstances because you will once again feel alive!


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