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Are You Consciously Unconscious

Vol. 81 October 2009 – Are You Consciously Unconscious

I don’t know if you ever looked at the people around you perhaps as you commuted to work in the morning. If you did you may have noticed the glum faces that surround you. Why are people in this situation? Because they unconsciously went ahead with what was expected of them by either their parents, their spouses or their society. In most Western societies the norm is to go to school, get a job, buy a home, have a family and deal with the expense of it all by working long hours maybe doing jobs that are unfulfilling yet maybe pay well. For some it takes two jobs for each earner leaving little time to nurture the children that they have and even less time to enjoy them selves. People are exhausted by working so hard, with little time to do activities that matter to them as they work to keep up with the lifestyle they are used to. There is a problem however for many with living in this manner. When a person is living in a way that does not fit their values unhappiness is what takes over which could lead to depression. The reason that this has happened is because no thought was given to how to live a life that is worth while. So unconscious are the majority of people that all they do is live every day as the one before. This is no way to live.

What do you need to do in order to break out of an unfulfilling and stress filled life? First, you need to be in touch with what really matters to you. Do you actually care about what other people think you ought to be doing with your life, or are you a person who can decide to follow your own dreams? Are you a person who feels that you must play martyr to someone else’s needs, or are you a person who is capable of being authentic to what matters to you? I am not saying that you are to give up your responsibilities, rather that you need to think about what it is that you need to do to be a productive person doing the things that matter to you. In that way you will be happier in your life attracting positive happy people to you.

If you are a person who is unconsciously following the pack, and do not feel that you can do other wise, yet you are unhappy, unfulfilled or in ill health I suggest you call a hypnotist to help you to understand why it is that you feel unworthy of living a life that is worth living. Many times lack of self-esteem for what ever reason will keep people stuck in lives that just do not work so well for them.

When one is able to understand what created the lack of self-esteem, it is much easier to understand what your values are, many of which are unconscious, meaning they are not conscious to your mind, you can live in alignment with what truly matters to you. This will allow you to live a much better life on all levels.

I have had many clients who felt they were “dead” inside because they were doing what was expected of them instead of doing what made them feel good inside. In many cases the client was taking care of children and parents, or married to a person that they did not love any more and yet felt they needed to stay in that marriage for the children’s sake.

While in the hypnotic state you create options for yourself that you could never achieve without going into your unconscious mind to get the answers to your issues. In many cases it is a simple process. In other cases so much damage was done that a more intensive approach needs to take place for the healing to occur. In any case, you do have the solutions to your issues in your own unconscious mind. Once they are made   conscious you can go ahead and free yourself from living unconsciously to living consciously instead.

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