Aug 17 2017

Alcohol: Dr. Daniel Amen Says It Kills the Brain’s Function

brain photoAlcohol: Dr. Daniel Amen Says It Kills the Brain’s Function, Vol. 419, August 17, 2017

Given all the hype about the healthy components of red wine, resveratrol in the skin and proanthocyanidin in the seed. These are antioxidants that help protect the body against oxidative stress, which can cause heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This all sounds great, except that the brain scans the Dr. Amen has been doing over the past couple of decades proves that there is a much greater damage to the function of the brain with only a little bit of alcohol ingested. Even one glass of beer or wine per day reduces the firing of the nerve cells while blocking the energy to the cell’s energy centers. The neurotransmitters of the brain are not as effective as they are, without the use of alcohol. And, if one drinks just one to seven drinks a week, the brain has been shown to shrink. This according to a 2008 study in the Archives of Neurology.

In Amen Clinics article Alcohol is Not a Health Food posted June 15, 2017, Dr. Amen writes of the Lancet publishing a study of 115,000 subjects reporting that alcohol increased the risk of cancer and physical injuries.

We know that alcohol causes fatty liver disease, damages the cerebellum, which helps with coordination and of mood. Vitamin B1 is not absorbed as well, predisposing people to serious cognitive problems, because the prefrontal cortex nerves are not firing in a normal functional manner.

Sugar abuse is also an issue with those who drink a lot of alcohol, stimulating your appetite, even if you feel full. It increases the production of insulin, which can lead to low blood sugar, decreasing your decision-making ability.

I too enjoy a drink every now and then for special occasions, however, I have enough issues with my own brain, so alcohol is not a substance that I choose to ingest on a regular basis. I would rather keep whatever functions I do have as clear of problems as possible. Maybe you feel the same way now that you understand that so many of our bodily functions can be adversely affected even by fairly minor drinking of alcohol.

I tell my clients, that if they feel the need to drink every day or use any substances on a regular basis that alters the way they feel, then perhaps it is time to look deeper into what may be the cause of this self-damaging behavior. Because happy and fulfilled people really can do without any substances that alter their thinking processes. I leave you with the question for yourself, should you be a person that imbibes on a regular basis: Do you really feel the need to have that drink?” If so, it is time to be real with yourself and figure out what is going on in your mind to give you the thought that you need to do something to stop thinking the negative thoughts you no longer want to think, and instead clear the problems associated with the cause of the drinking.

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