Nov 24 2016

9 Ways to Prevent Chronic Pain Based On The Research of Dr. Norm Shealy

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9 Ways to Prevent Chronic Pain Based On The Research of Dr. Norm Shealy – Vol. 389, November 24, 2016

Believe it or not you can let go of chronic pain without the use of addictive narcotic medication. In fact the research on those dastardly demons demonstrates that after 90 days of use, these medications have zero effect on pain control, meanwhile plenty of people get physically addicted to them.

So, we need better, more humanistic alternatives.

Dr. Shealy has given us 9 holistic, complimentary ways to reduce, and even let go of chronic pain based on his research since the mid 1960’s, which you can put into action.

Dr. Shealy is a true specialist in the area of pain control, the author of 25 books on the subject. He founded the Shealy Institute in 1971, determined to find more humanistic ways to help people control their chronic pain and he invented the TENS Pain Control System.

Dr. Norm Shealy has been studying pain since his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in the mid 60’s. This is when the initial method used to control pain was to cut the front half of the spinal chord 3/4 across to stop pain. The only problems with this barbaric method were that it caused paralysis and in some patients worse, pain, while 100% of the patients had no sex life.

Later on Dr. Shealy learned of the use of a radioactive needle to control pain. The only problem with this modality was that 18 months later, the patients could become paralyzed as the radiation continues doing damage to the body.

With the initial introduction of nuclear medicine he felt it was the craziest thing to do. He asked why we are so stupid to try to get energy by atomic needs, when there is no way to destroy the radioactive aftermath?

Next, he went to Western Reserve and did a residency looking for pain control modalities that would work without causing any damage to the patient. He has since studied biofeedback,
spiritual healing, and acupuncture. He founded the American Holistic Association working with talented medical intuitives.

In 1971 he founded the Shealy Institute to find more humanistic ways to help his patients control their chronic pain.

When he introduced his initial animal pain management in neurophysiology, the doctors wouldn’t publish him. Later the nurses who heard about it wanted to learn it.

In the mean time, Dr. Shealy asks, “Where did we, as Americans go wrong?”

Beginning in the 1930’s people stopped taking personal responsibility for their lives and health. Two thirds of all Americans are over weight and 20% adults still smoke (cut only by 1/2 in the 50 years of the war against smoking).

Fast food came in during the early 1960’s with most people getting addicted to that junk.

We Americans have an issue with our health because we aren’t taking care of our bodies with less then 3% not smoking, eating five or more servings fruits and veggies and exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

Meanwhile most people are eating plenty of garbage food, which is void of nutrition and has so many unhealthy additives you don’t even want to know what’s in it. If you knew your stomach would turn. Perhaps this would be a good thing because, most likely you’d stop eating that crap, regardless of the perpetual rush you feel you are in to just get some food into you during your overly busy day.

Dr. Shealy calls this negative condition of the mind, causing all these problems,
“a total lack of consciousness.”

“The Longevity Project” followed 1,500 children for over 80 years. The findings:

The #1 determinant to live the longest and healthiest life had the highest of “consciousness” defined as:

Driven to do their best
Will power allows them to follow through on taking care of their body as it was a “holy temple.”

1. How can you raise your own consciousness? By understanding the following:

Psychosynthesis “The Act Of Will” – lack of act of will is the problem.
Modern obscenity = “I can’t help myself.” Understand that the vast majority of people who stop smoking, lose weight, etc. take control of themselves to make these changes. You are the one who CAN take control = personal responsibility. It’s the muscle of the mind – repetition brings success.
Attitude: In the early 1970’s when Dr. Shealy developed “Autogenics” he started with “I’m Ok” and then told his patients to believe that they have the power to do something. Next, he told them to live in the “present time” – “be here now”. Once you have done this, you can learn to relax, helping you to accomplish much, with your mind in deep relaxation. Since1969, there have been over 26,000 references reporting that we can control pain, diabetes and most anything with relaxation, along with gaining control over what you feel. Get in touch with the “feelings” – not the emotional feelings, rather the “physical feelings” you feel, then you can control them. Next, you can learn to control the emotions themselves – anger, guilt, anxiety and depression, which you have to continue to do or the pain will come back.

4. Once you change the emotional feelings to be “positive” you are ready for what Dr. Shealy
calls “spiritual attunement.”

Recap: Mindset being attitude:

I’m ok, your ok
Being present and being in “present time”
Autogenic training – learning to gain control in your physical body moving into controlling your emotional feelings
Control your pain.

2. This is the Autogenic Training for step 3 above:

Visual Guiding

Take a deep breath ” My arms and legs” breath out ” are heavy and warm”
Repeat that 3 times.

Imagine the sun beaming down on you pleasantly – warming your arms and legs imagining your arms and legs are heavy and warm.

Then say, “My heart beat is calm and regular.” Say it 3 times.

You may be able to feel your heart beat in your heart, though most feel their heart beat in their hands and fingers according to Dr. Shealy.

Then say, “My heart beat is calm and regular.” Say it 3 times.

Create an image of a pendulum of a clock or a metronome and with every beat say, “My arms and legs are heavy and warm.” Repeat 3 times.

Next say, “My heartbeat is calm and regular.” Say it 3 times.

Now, as you breath in free and easy, and breathing IS free and easy, imagine something like a bird flying through the air without having to beat his wings.

As you breathe out, say, “My abdomen is warm.” Says it 3 times.

Breathe in, then as you breath out, Say, “My forehead is cool.” Say it 3 times and feel your forehead being cool.

As you breathe in, say, “My mind is quiet and still.” Say it 3 times.

Create an image of something pleasant and still, perhaps something you see in nature.

Now this is important:

Be aware of the feedback from your body – check to see if you have tension or discomfort, or if you just have a feeling of relaxation in your face, jaws, chest, abdomen, back and pelvis, thighs, calves, feet, arms, hands and fingers.

Talk to any part of your body and listen to the feedback.
At this point you will be able to change the feelings.
Note: You can change the blood pressure by 10 to 30 points making you feel good.

This process is called the”Basic Shultz” because Johann Shultz discovered that this works, back in 1900.

You can feel all the stress goes away using this “Basic Schultz” for Fibromyalgia. In fact in one month you will experience a huge improvement based n the thousands of patients that Dr. Shealy has used this process on over the decades he has been employing it with his patients.

Caregivers of terminally ill patients improved immensely letting go of their stress using this same technique.

Dr. Shealy recommends that if you have lots of problems do this process 2 times per day to gradually retrain the whole body it will take 6 to 12 weeks.

Once you get doing it well, you can get by with 3 minutes at a time, which will feel like you are flipping a switch.

Why does it work?

We are controlling the hypothalamus of the brain – switch board for everything in the body – organizing that – retraining it getting rid of unneeded things. There is an autogenic shift in the brain. It starts producing the DHEA hormone and beta endorphins – normal narcotics your brain manufactures.

It really is the perfect blend of mind and body – communicating through this quoted imagery.

Gradually, the more you do it, you will notice the stress creeping into the body. Stress is just an overload, more then your body can handle. Releasing the stress using the “Basic Schultz” will reduce any pain you may be feeling in your body.

3. Raise our own consciousness by:

Psychosynthesis “The Act Of Will” – lack of act of will is the problem.
Modern obscenity = I can’t help myself – vast majority of people who stop smoking ,etc, take control of themselves to make these changes. You are the one who CAN take control = personal responsibility. It’s the muscle of the mind created through repetition.
Attitude – in the early 70’s when he developed “Autogenics” Dr. Shealy started with “I’m Ok” and then told his patients to believe that they had the power to do something – then to live in the “present time” – be here now. At that point they had they could learn to relax- you can accomplish much with your mind in deep relaxation. In 1969, 26,000 references prove that one can control pain, diabetes and many other issues with relaxation and gaining control over what you feel. You do that by getting in touch with the “feelings” – not the emotional feelings, rather the physical feelings you feel, you can control – then learn to control the emotions themselves – anger, guilt, anxiety and depression which you have to continue to do or the pain will come back.

4. Once you change the emotional feelings to be “positive” you are ready for “Spiritual Attunement”.

Recap: Mindset being attitude:

I’m ok, your ok
Being present and being present time
Autogenic training – learning to gain control in your physical body moving into controlling your emotional feelings and where you can then control your pain.
4. What more can you do to help yourself?

Coffee: no more than 2 cups of coffee a day.
Tea: no more than 3 cups a day.
Alcohol: no more 2 drinks a day for non-alcohol dependent people.

We want to do more of these healthy things, incorporating them into our lives.

How much of these negative behaviors are just habits that we got stuck in our routines, making them difficult to change? How do we “unstick” ourselves from these habits?

5. Producing enough oxytocin, the “bonding” hormone. According to Dr. Shealy the root cause of these problems are a failure to feel blessed and nurtured as infants and young children – 25% of us don’t produce enough oxytocin. Why?

Because of a lack of what Dr. Shealy calls “oxytocin grounding,” which happens throughout life, if you get oxytocin grounding at birth It comes from the umbilical chord to child’s brain teaching the child’s body to learn how to produce oxytocin.

Dr. Shealy believes that every psychological dysfunction with a psychological or psychiatric label on it, is associated with a lack of oxytocin grounding at birth OR a major traumatic event happening in first 7 years of life. These events shut off the child’s ability to feel loved. Sadly, 80% of people feel unloved.

If you did get oxytocin grounding without any traumatic event occurring before age 7, then you can have wonderful happy life, able to produce enough of your own oxytocin naturally.

If I put my hand on you and you like it, you will produce oxytocin.

For those who didn’t get that boost at birth, they won’t know how to make it for themselves, being deficient in oxytocin. One can be given an internasal spay of oxytocin to improve improve their level of oxytocin but it’s long term and expensive, according to Dr. Shealy.

Oxytocin does change blood flow and can be damaging long term.

About 15 years ago Dr. Shealy discovered that when we stimulate 13 acupuncture points with electricity, you stimulate a “ring of air” as he calls it, resulting in feeling relaxed. People will feel good in about 30 minutes as the oxytocin is released.

6. DHEA Hormone – In the late 1980’s it was found to be the single most important hormone because it is a reflection of your adrenal stress reserves. The average person produces peak production of DHEA by age 25. If you are a teen athlete you can peak before that.

By age 30 you have begun to lose the ability to cope with stress with DHEA down 5 – 10%
By age 80, it is down by 90% of what it was at age 30.

Dr. Shealy believes ALL disease is caused by the decrease of DHEA.

If someone dies at age 30, microscopic evidence of breast cancers will be seen. By age 80 there isn’t any evidence of breast cancer, interestingly enough.

Men who live to age100 will have a 13% chance of developing prostate cancer as a flare up.

4 Techniques to restore DHEA

Natural Estrogen in men and women – DHEA raised by 30-50%
Circuit in the body “ring of fire” raises DHEA 30-50% as performed by Dr. Shealy.
Progesterone increased DHEA
Vitamin C and 1 gram of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) will raise DHEA 60% on average

Do all 4 to raise DHEA 250% over 3 months from what you started with.

Note: Only if you have an inflammatory illness where your doctor places you on prednisone, should you take it – otherwise you shouldn’t take DHEA orally.
7. Magnesium lotion – 80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium leading to muscle pain, depression and all sorts of illness including hypertension (high blood pressure). Magnesium lotion is much safer to use on the skin then to take as a supplement.

8. **Emotional Trauma and the Role it Plays:

All people who have any significant emotional problems, which Dr. Shealy says are ALL a reaction to “fear” such as:

– fear of abandonment
loss of love
fear of being an invalid
fear of death
fear of being destitute
the existential crisis. Judgment – “Why God, did this happen to me?”

Fear leads to anger, guilt, depression or anxiety. Many people don’t mind saying they are “anxious,” however, they won’t say they are afraid. They may react with anger, which can be good unless you carry it on for 50 years, says Dr. Shealy.

They feel abused or abandoned, both can lead you down this path = emotional trauma= fear

Emotional Trauma which could be the little things, even if it wasn’t intended that way because seen through little peoples’ eyes, without the ability to reason, rationalize or judge things, the event is taken out of context. Ex:

Dr. Shealy’s mother had hypothyroidism while she was pregnant with him. Her weight went up 75 pounds, she was weak and frail. At this time his sister was 2 1/2 years old. This was when Dr. Shealy was born. In a couple of instances his mother brushed his sister aside to take care of the new baby. His sister was never mistreated, and yet, she felt abandoned. Interestingly enough she never left home till she married at 30 years old. Their mother responded to his sister’s claim of being abandoned by her was, that his sister had abandoned her. Sadly, his sister was depressed all her life.

When we have an emotional hit like that, it is stored in the body. Dr. Shealy had a patient that was depressed since age 7, when his parents divorced, believing that it was his fault till age 40. This,even though he and his father had a great relationship. The depression released when Dr. Shealy did the work with him to get rid of the cause of his depression, his feeling “abandoned.”

Lots of things we store in our cellular memory, because we are young and make these issues much bigger then they really are.

Emotions and illness, according to German psychiatrist, Hans Issac come about because of certain emotions. Dr. Issac studied 15,000 people from their 20’s to their 50’s, half of them in Yugoslavia and half in Heidelberg, Germany. He did a basic personality analysis of all these people. Results:

75% people died of cancer all who had lifetime feeling of abandonment – hopeless depression.
50% of them had life long anger
9% had both

75% died of heart disease had life long anger
50% depression
9% both

99% of all the people who died of the two major diseases – heart disease and cancer had either life long anger and/or depression

Type 1 life long depression – people died 35 years earlier then people who felt okay.
The best thing that you can do to feel better is through good food and autogenic training because you have to “love” yourself.

Look in the mirror and say “I love you” and most people can’t do that, according to Dr. Shealy.

I’m Ok, Your Ok
Because God does not create junk”

What is next on the horizon?

9. Dr. Shealy’s last method of pain control is that of using essential oils, “because people won’t spend 20 minutes doing anything,” he said. This is from his 50 years of experience. With the use of essential oil, oxytocin is produced in less then 30 seconds. He has found that it works with depression and anxiety prone people when placed on the13 acupuncture points that compose the “ring of fire” as well.

Dr. Shealy is working on developing essential oils to help with all the issues that cause pain and feels that will be his greatest contribution. Why? Because he will be able to bring relief from pain in 30 seconds!

So, here are some ideas that you can put into place on your own given the instructions and some that are Dr. Shealy’s own treatments that only he can provide. There is enough here to give you a start on at least half of these ideas, bringing you relief from your once chronic pain.

I would also add that the “Autogenic” process is a form of hypnosis as you are getting very relaxed and focusing on what you are saying and feeling. I would also add, that working on the “root causes” of the problem, instead of the presenting problem, in this case “pain,” is what we do in the hypnotic community to help our clients to overcome these problems.

Working with people with migraine headaches, the issue has always been one of having family members, usually controlling members, overrun my client’s lives. Once that was put to a stop, the client regaining control of their lives again, the migrains went away. No medication necessary.

Anxiety, depression and many of the mental health issues that come up can also be stopped by going to the “cause” of the problem. In my own case, once I understood that my endless illnesses during my 20’s and 30’s occurred because of an unconscious,( meaning “not conscious” to me), limiting belief that this was the only way for me to be taken care of, my quality of life destroying bronchial asthma was released. Now, it serves me, by letting me know that someone is “toxic,” to me, meaning I need to release that person from my life, or that I need to get more sleep. Never do I have “allergic” reactions to common things in my environment thank G_d.

Your mind is amazing, saving you from many horrific situations, once you have the ability to know how it works. It is not the conscious mind that runs you, it is your “unconscious mind” that is your “driver” and as such, it needs to be accessed to bring you health, happiness and a senses of purpose to life – all necessary for a great life!

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