Young man overcomes depression, marijuana use, anxiety and loneliness

It all started when I started feeling down and confused. It was a feeling I have never felt, it was strange and different from anything I have ever experienced. My life changed drastically and everything was supposed to be great because my father survived from a Hemorrhagic stroke but I didn’t feel happy. I had started feeling depressed and not feeling like myself. I have always been a very happy enthusiastic kid who would joke about anything but I didn’t have any emotion to be happy.

I started feeling lonely and felt like doing nothing but just sleep all day. I had stopped the use of marijuana but when I didn’t feel good I used it again. It was the worse mistake I have ever made because not only did I break my promise of not doing it again but It didn’t help at all.

Several months have passed by and I was worried that strange feeling would not go away. I still kept feeling lonely, down and at times I even got anxious. I looked at different methods of healing. I thought about a psychologist but then something inside was telling me that wasn’t the right way to go. I had a friend tell me about hypnosis and looked online and found Suzanne. I sent her an email and got a quick response back. I had read about hypnosis but was not very sure if it would work. She started talking to me like she had known me my whole life. I felt really comfortable and then she just asked me to explain what happened to me. I told her I was not feeling like myself and felt lonely and depressed and I knew that was a problem because I am young. She told me that is an easy fix with her. She sat me down in her chair and then she put me in trance. I felt like I was in my own mind just looking through closets of information about my life. She told me to look at any events in my life that have made me feel down and take the good and bad experiences out of it. I was releasing all the negative energy and thoughts I have had inside me with the help of Suzanne.

The first session was over and I left but I thought nothing had changed. I kept feeling lonely and confused at times. One week had passed by and I saw very little results. The next week came and I went to see her again and told her I didn’t think this works. She told to be patient because sometimes it takes a little longer.

The second session we did the same thing and released any negative thoughts inside me. This time I didn’t see her for like 2 weeks and all of the sudden I started feeling better. It was like my old self came back to life. I didn’t have negative thoughts running through my mind and it felt good.


I went to see Suzanne a month after I had met her and told her I was starting to give up and not believe in hypnosis but then one day I started feeling better.  The way it works its something that is in our minds and sometimes we can’t release it and I needed help doing that. Suzanne helped me and I now feel great and happy.

Joe age 19

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