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Do You Want the Tortoise or The Hare Method?

Vol. 82 November 2009- Permanent Change-Do You Want the Tortoise or The Hare Method?

More than 8 million Americans seriously consider suicide each year according to a new government study and 32,000 actually are successful.

What is worse is that this data was compiled by a new report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration based on a survey of 46,190 people aged 18 and older.  In past years the survey had  been given to people who reported major depression but as of 2008 it was added to all questionnaires.

It was found that amongst people with a substance abuse disorder, 11% had considered suicide, compared to 3% for people without such disorders.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from either depression or substance abuse you know what it is like to have those thoughts of not wanting to live, not wanting to go through it another day.  Wanting to stop the cycle of depression, drug abuse and or alcohol abuse.  Maybe that is why you use to begin with, to stop the pain of depression.  Or maybe that is why you are depressed, from all the drugs or alcohol you are ingesting.

Seems like it is just one big circle.  Maybe that is why the statistics are so staggeringly high.  At times it all seems just endless and hopeless.  Similar to a hamster on his wheel going around and around forever.

Whatever the case may be you may have tried countless therapies to stop the cycle of depression.  You have probably tried numerous times to stop the using and abusing of drugs.

But, because you are depressed you turn to the drugs/alcohol for relief.   Because you turn to the alcohol/drugs for relief you remain depressed.

Again, it just seems like it is one big circle and the only way off is suicide.

Maybe you’ve gone to 12-step meetings only to find you need to go constantly to stay clean and sober. You must go to meetings for the rest of your life to remain clean and sober one day at a time. Seems as soon as you stop going, you relapse.  And when you relapse it seems it is even harder to get clean and sober again, if you are lucky enough to do so.

Perhaps you’ve tried talk therapy, but you don’t know really what it is that bothers you. Why you are always feeling like life is a chore and you just have no energy.  Why nothing excites you or why you just don’t feel “happy” about life in general.  You don’t really talk about the cause or the root of the “issues” that are causing your pain because you may not even know what they.  So you go week after week to your therapist and you talk about current issues, perhaps some issues in your childhood at $100/hr or more.  You talk about anything and everything you can remember.  This takes months and even years to wade through all your life’s discomforts and then it still doesn’t seem to be enough to do the trick. And, now on top of everything else you have a huge bill.  It still doesn’t seem to be enough to make you feel better for good. Perhaps you feel better for a while, but then when you end the therapy eventually you start to feel depressed again. It is a painfully slow process and all you want is to feel better now.  Perhaps the therapist prescribes a medication or refers you to a doctor that can.  If you are lucky the medication works for a while but then it seems that it stops working, or doesn’t work as well as it did before.  You just have no energy, no desire to live your life anymore, and so they prescribe something else.  And that medication doesn’t help so they try another, and another and then they find another one that finally works.  After a year, maybe sooner or maybe later that medication also stops working, so they increase it, or they add another.  It just seems like an endless cycle.  An infinite number of therapy sessions and countless prescriptions.  A revolving door to the therapist’s and doctor’s offices.

Is this what you really want?  Would it not be better if there were a more permanent and lasting method to rid yourself of these unwanted behaviors and unwanted feelings?  Would it not be better to go to a finite number of sessions and rid yourself once and for all of these problems that cause you to not enjoy or even want to live your life.  To know that once you end your sessions that your problems/issues for the most part will be over and you can get on with your life and concentrate on the life that you were meant to live.  That you won’t have to attend meetings or go to therapy for the rest of your life. To know that the insidious label of depression or substance abuser will not find its’ way back into your life.

All the above mentioned conventional therapies may or may not have worked for you. Perhaps they may have worked for a while and then your problems re-surfaced and came back, maybe even stronger than before.  So you find yourself back in your therapist’s office.  Does it seem like it is a revolving door, like there is no end to the situation you find yourself in.

With hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy (R) you can be rid of your problems and issues once and for all. That is because these hypnotic processes allow you to access your unconscious mind which created these destructive strategies to protect you from information that your conscious mind could not handle.  Because this material is unconscious you may not realize that it is even there causing you the discomfort. By going into the unconscious mind you can get to the root of the problem letting go of these destructive strategies while creating new productive strategies.
When you get rid of weeds in your garden, unless you kill that weed at the root-it will grow back.  It is the same with anything be it depression or drug and or alcohol abuse.

Unless you get rid of the infection totally it will almost certainly come back, sometimes stronger than before.  Unless you get rid of the germs totally it will indeed come back and cause another illness.   Unless you solve the issue that is causing the problem/s it will almost always grow back, sometimes even stronger than before.

You can take medication or methadone or whatever, but do you really just want to cover it up, plant some flowers around that weed?  You constantly take the chance that that weed will kill the flowers eventually.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just rid yourself once and for all of those weeds and get on with your life?

Through hypnosis, I have had clients (such as Donna N. or Caroline S.) actually change their brain chemistry.  Refer to the testimonials pages.  Donna N. had had depression for over 30 years, pretty much all of her life.  She was told she did indeed have a “biochemical imbalance” in her brain. A CAT scan confirmed this at a major and prominent hospital.  She tried all of the above conventional therapies, some of which did work for a while, only to have the problems re-surface again and again. Caroline S. had eating disorders for which she was also told she would have for the rest of her life.  After doing hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy they were able to reframe their minds and actually alter the biochemistry of their brains.  And YES, THIS IS POSSIBLE.  They no longer have the problems they had and are free to really go on with their lives; because they no longer have fears those problems will re-surface.  They have once and for all gotten to the root of their issues and eradicated those weeds from their lives.  They no longer have to plant flowers around them by taking medication, go to therapy or attend meetings. And, when they do plant flowers, they know that they will thrive and not have to worry about them dying from being overcome by weeds.

There are more and more studies, articles and reports stating that hypnosis has the ability to alter one’s brain chemistry.  Stay tuned to upcoming newsletters where this will be addressed and articles will indeed be cited.  Hypnosis can truly change your life.

You have to truly want it and work for your desired results.  I assume if you have read this far, you do.

So wouldn’t it be great to not have the depression, not have the substance abuse or any other problems you find yourself with.  To be able to plant some flowers and have them thrive without the fear of weeds killing them?

I would suggest you find a hypnotist who knows how to do NLP and Time Line Therapy (R) with proven results to help you given the serious nature involved of these issues. To protect your health and well being most states mandate that your hypnotist has a referral from a licensed practitioner. This is a good idea because you do want to make sure that your treatment team are all working together for your well being. Remember that doctors have the ability to run test and scans making sure that physiologically all is working in your body the way it should.

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