Dec 05 2013

Do You Really Know What You Sound Like To Others?

Scream awayVol. 228 Dec. 5, 2013 – Do You Really Know What You Sound Like To Others?


I am sitting in a chair at the airport, texting my friend about the situation I had with my drive in as I reported in the weblog last week. A rather heavy woman wearing a tee-shirt and sweat pants is loudly complaining to the poor person on the other side of the phone about all the “stupid” people she works with, especially one woman who she felt treated her unfairly and rudely. The person on the other side of the phone dared to compare her to someone at their workplace who is heavier and has acne (this woman in front of me has a beautiful complexion) in some manner that really upset her. She asked the person on the other side of the phone how she could possibly compare the two of them going into great detail about how much classier she is than that other person mentioned in her attitude and appearance. The conversation went on to as a tirade against a family member who is making it clear that she is very busy in school. Not being interested in seeing and hearing this person speaking in loud emotional tones in front of me anymore, I decided I couldn’t think and was unable to do my own work, so I moved to the other side of the airport to continue my writing.


I invite you to really look at the behavior that you demonstrate in public, especially as you speak on your cell phone. I wasn’t listening in on this conversation, as much as this conversation was being pushed in my face given how very loud this woman was speaking along with the volatile attitude.


In the past, not really being one to desire others to know my personal business, there were times when I did indeed lose it on the phone in public. The last time was a couple of years ago when I had an arrangement with what was a very close friend, almost like a brother, who was unable to tell me his own truth as to why he didn’t want to follow through with something he had agreed to do several weeks before – something that he used to look forward to doing. I was at Massachusetts General Hospital waiting to get my inoculations for my first trip to Africa sitting in the waiting room of the Travel Center. I am quite certain that the anger that I had at this person was as invasive and unnecessary as this woman who was speaking so loudly on her cell phone as she sat across from me.


You see, there are positive and mature ways to handle challenging situations. Venting for a long period to anyone on a phone in particular becomes very old and unwanted. I can only guess that the reason was that this woman at the airport had a sibling who was unwilling to go out of her way to visit with her, perhaps due to her inability to see what others saw in her behavior . The world is full of negative news and negative people. The best way to contend with this is to be positive in your own outlook and in so doing you will attract positive and happy productive people in your life who are worth your time and love. If you must vent to someone, do yourself and the other person a favor and keep it quick and then change over to a more positive subject. You will be very happy that you created a much happier “self” for both you and those with whom you share your time.


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