Dec 22 2012

Do you hear what I hear?

3759: Mayan Calendar - Aztec Stone of the sun 3759: Mayan Calendar – Aztec Stone of the sun (Photo credit: insert screen name here)


Vol. 180 – 12/22/2012


The end of the world is coming according to the Mayan calendar.  The end of the world came and went about a year ago, so many don’t take much stock in the most recent date.


But I wonder what it does to the precious kids that hear the end is near.  When I grew up in the 60’s, the end of the school term was enough to give one fear of failing grades, or the end of the week if one had to go to the dentist, but the end of the entire world as we knew it.  Will it be as painful as the dentist?   If little kids fear the dentist or the end of the school term can you imagine what they must feel when they hear the end of the world is near.  And with all the school killings lately, it is hard to escape the media.  While I grieve for the children, to be reminded of it day after day is depressing.  Even on the music stations, (I used to listen to the news on the way into work, but it is too depressing now so I listen to my favorite music station) and even that has the news squeezed in between songs.  Is there no escape from the violence and depressing news that seems to be shrouding our world like a black cloth that one can’t see through any longer?


I tell my godson I love him, as often as I can, yet I buy him one of the few things he asked for this Christmas.  I have been struggling on whether to return it to the store.  He is a very healthy and seemingly well-adjusted young adult at 17 years of age, despite coming from 2 drug addicts that had their act together and did not actively use drugs until he was 16 years old, they now drink and party hearty.  He grew up going to meetings “hearing” that alcohol and drugs are bad and that “we” as addicts need always refrain and cannot drink even socially.  Yet now that is out the window.  Seems the rules can be changed to fit whatever it is we want to fit.


The item I purchased for him that he said he wanted was a video game, Call of Duty.  It is an especially violent game of killing people for sport.  I am totally against killing people for sport, always have been.  Even in videos.  Especially in videos.  I do not understand why people get off on that.  It is bad enough to see it in films, but in a video, “you” are actually doing the killing.  I don’t know if a 17 year old is old enough to be killing people for sport.  It is bad enough they must kill at that age in the military, but at least it is for a cause whether we feel the cause is just, it is ultimately for our country’s freedom and possibly that soldier’s life.  And don’t think those “kids” don’t come back from war messed up from that.


But to give a child the license to kill another person even if it is thru a “joystick”—what are they hearing from us adults?  And especially the fact that I am this child’s godmother.  Some say that we need to put “God” back in the schools, and there are others that don’t believe in God or a God at all.  Everyone does have a right to their opinion, however, I do believe in a God and that God represents good and doesn’t condone killing for sport.


I have been struggling on whether to return the video and stand by my principals.


Given the recent mass killings of 20 innocent 5 and 6 year olds by a child himself, I think he was merely 20 years old, I have decided to return the game.  I can’t help but feel that these children that kill think that it is all a game.


We know scientifically that a child’s brain is not fully formed and fully functional until the age of 25.


By giving my godson this game am I telling him that killing is OK?  Even if it is in a video?


Is it OK to get drunk—even if it is in your own home?


Actions often speak louder than words.


I can tell my godson I love him, but am I showing him I love him by teaching him love for another human being?


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