Dec 15 2016

You Are What You Eat: Here’s The Real Deal

 You Are What You Eat: Here’s The Real Deal – Vol. 392, December 15, 2016

If you are having issues regarding inflammation i.e. pain, irritability, distractibility, “fuzzy brain” and lack of energy, the food you eat can have everything to do with how you are feeling. Given the very poor quality our fruits and vegetables, given the poor soil and insecticides put on them, it is very difficult for one to get the nutrition that one requires for the body to function healthfully.

According to Dr. Mercola, who writes one of the most widely read weblogs on health and nutrition, it is our government’s dietary guidelines that lead to the obesity epidemic we are now experiencing.

In 1965, the average American got 40% of their calories from carbohydrates and 40% of their calories from fat.

By 2010 the guidelines called for more carbohydrates and dropping fat consumption to below 35%, while increasing carbohydrates to 55 to 65% of the diet. The problem with this is that not all carbohydrates are equal in terms of nutritional value. Unfortunately, most people eat processed grains such as: pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and other starchy vegetables instead of the fibrous carbohydrates found in non-starchy fruits and vegetables. The problem with this is that it is the non-starchy, fibrous fruits and vegetables that break down into the short chain fatty acids, that nourish your body. More importantly they are also the fuel for the beneficial bacteria in your colon (large intestine).

Make sure that the carbohydrates that you eat contain fiber. Choose those fruits and vegetables that have a rich color to them for the beta-Carsten and other important antioxidants they contain.

Another issue is the genetically modified foods that are proliferating our food stores. Corn, soy products and wheat are causing all sorts of inflammatory problems in a large part of the population. High fructose corn syrup is one of the worst offenders because our body has no idea in how to use it. Unfortunately, because it is so inexpensive to manufacture, it has replaced the cane sugar that was once in products such as soda, salad dressing, many of the condiments we use, and the processed foods one purchase in boxes and bags. One needs to stay away from soybean oil, vegetable oil, and safflower oil because of their very high level of omega 6 fatty acids, which Dr. Mercola believes has caused more harm then the overall increase in carbohydrate consumption.

Instead, eat healthy fats of which 50% of your calories should come. Eat nuts, seeds, coconut oil and coconut products, avocados, olives and olive oil, whole eggs, chocolate made from cacao (instead of “cocoa”) organ meats, and dairy (so long as it is grass fed and antibiotic free). Fat is needed for your brain which is 70% fat, your eyes and your nerves which also have a large amount of fat in them, allowing them to function well.

More then half of Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic. Two-thirds of Americans are over weight.

So, what do you do? Eat “real food”, that stuff that comes from the original source, from the ground or the animal. Stay away from all processed foods, creating your food from one item foods and combining them as people have done through the ages to create tasty, healthy food.


Do your best to get foods that haven’t been overly sprayed with insecticides. Organic is best because the farmers aren’t allowed to use insecticides and antibiotics in the production of the food. However, organic food can be quite expensive, so save it for the foods that have very thin skins and for your meat sources. When you purchase fish, do the best you can to buy “wild caught” because the farm raised fish are given grains to feed on instead of their natural diet, causing humans significant health problems. Unfortunately it was reported a while back that fish manufacturers lie about the source of the fish, so it is any one’s guess whether or not that which is labeled “wild caught” actually was caught in the wild.

Water, is another issue, where too many people are not drinking enough water, walking around dehydrated without realizing it. If you are feeling hungry, it may be that you are really thirsty instead. Have a bottle of water with you at all times. The water that you get in the form of water saturated fruits and vegetables count as well such as: watermelon, berries, lettuce, celery, etc.

If you are drinking water, be mindful of the fact that even through our tap water is processed, that with all the medicines that end up down the toilet, the pesticides that end up in the rivers and lakes and the many heavy metals from manufacturing that end up in our natural water reserves, it is best to purchase a filter to get rid of all that crud. You can get one that goes into a pitcher or one that attaches to your faucet without spending a ton of money.

If you are more mindful of the foods that you are eating, and eating the correct amount of the right nutrients, you will find yourself losing unwanted weight, having much more energy throughout your day, eating satiating foods with healthy fat. You find as one of my clients realized, you skin becoming smooth healthy and glowing, just by getting rid of her soda habit alone.

I know when I increased the healthy fats that I ate, got rid of all the processed foods I had been eating, stopped eating any sort of “fast food” and increased my activity just a little bit – like 20 minutes of stretching and swimming four times a week, my weight came off without an issue. Granted, I only had to drop 10 pounds, those 10 pounds came off in a matter of 8 weeks time – not bad in the world of weight loss!

Try it for yourself and find your true health through your food. Take the time to read the labels of that which you buy, always being mindful of how you go about cooking it. Fresh food is healthier for you, as well as being less expensive to purchase then over priced garbage you will purchase at a place like Starbucks, and many of the chain restaurants you may be frequenting.

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