Oct 09 2014

Why Not Change “State” To Become Fully Empowered?

Dream!Why Not Change “State” To Become Fully Empowered? – Vol. 280, October 9, 2014


For many of us we are spending way too much time devouring the sad and depressing news that the media feeds us daily, usually in the morning and the evening right before going to bed. These are the very worst times to allow your unconscious mind to be permeated with these illusions of misfortune, leaving many feeling depressed and anxiety ridden without ever knowing why. I am telling you “why” right now! You are allowing your unconscious mind to be invested with made up horror that is not of your making or under your control. So, if you must know the news of the day, go read what is of interest to you online on in the papers and magazines and skip over the sensationalized garbage that passes as “news” today.


Now, that you got that under control lets move onto creating the life of your dreams, shall we? We can thank Melanie Benson-Strict for these fabulous questions. She is a business coach who helps business owners create the life of their dreams.


First I would like you to ask what you want in life? What are you dreaming about having?


What do you feel about it, when you think about it? Do I feel, “excited” or “contracted?”


What would have to take place to make this happen, to take action on this?


Ask yourself: Do I need a mentor? Do I need support? Do I need training?


What small steps can I take to make this come together for myself?


Do I feel contracted?


What do I tell myself that I am believing will happen if I move forward?


Whatever you are feeling, whatever you are believing, is this REAL or is it POSSIBLE that YOU are making this up?


NOTE: IT IS ALL MADE UP – so this is the KEY to shifting yourself.

You are creating your reality with these beliefs.


As we hypnotists like to say, “Life is an illusion and the meaning is what we give it.”


What would be a more supporting belief, framework, story that will allow you to move into what you desire?




You are looking for “NEUTRAL” or “EXCITED” feelings.


Ex: from Melanie Benson-Strict: Struggle for money


Mentored by her parents as many of you, to “struggle for money,” never being a time when there was money without struggling for it. She realized that over time she had made up that story because many others were able to get what they wanted. It was what she came to realize as being a “limited belief” that wasn’t true. Sometimes money comes from somewhere else, somewhere she never would have thought of on her own. Sometimes people sent her checks for over due accounts, or a refund from the IRS audit of a company she had done business with previously.


So allow yourself to let go of those old stories that were never true for you in the first place and replace them with a story of happiness and success for yourself. Because as all of us who are in the business of working with the mind understand, that by shifting our perceptions we can shift our lives into a place that is full of wonder, excitement, fulfillment and most of all love.





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